Old Skool Gamers SoW Campaign

And then something strange happened

All of the sudden everything started moving VERY slowly both us and the extra-dimensional beings… Several weeks – maybe months seemed to pass by… my sword made its way toward its mark and no amount of willing it to be faster would make it so… Most Frustrating


The Githyanki spotted me and flew into action… In rapid succession, Spells were cast, Githyani charged Sheldon, Leena or myself, and then promptly went to sleep… Due to Leena’s spell. The Githyanki magic user sensed his impending death without any fighter backups and cast an offensive spell on each of his sleeping buddies to try and wake them up. Fortunately I had hexed him and his concentration was a bit off he only awoke one of them. Co’Bok backed up Leena, Yamis came my way to provide backup to me. I teleported into the thick of things, and started dropping my hexes on everyone. IT worked well as they seemed especially susceptible to it, missing with regularity. their mage tried to slow us down by dropping a zone of astral ball bearings all over the floor but that was little more than an inconvenience. He was ended quickly once Sheldon identified him as a mage the Githyanki was ganged up on and smoked. having cleared the room we decided to scout the rest of the room and see if this was a safe place to rest. I went west – Sheldon went east, around a corridor of even larger radius than the two previous large rooms we were in. After a short walk I came to an opening. A room in the shape of a globe (seems to be popular in the Astral areas) filled with Astral magicks, and the bottom and top of the globed lined with astrally charge crystals.
In the center of the globe was a wide bridge with two Eldritch giants meditating white reading a ritual book in the center of the bridge. Tasting the arcane flows I discerned that the room was a bomb waiting to go off… the place was flooded with wild astral energies that the giants were keeping at bay with their ritual. Arcane magics inside that room would no doubt create an unpleasant firestorm of astral blasts. . I returned to report and Sheldon arrived a moment later to report the exact same thing on his side… Damn Astral geometry! this place is tied like a love not… a Mobius, turning back on itself… there’s no telling where any door will go – I just hope it remains stable or it will make a minotaur’s labyrinth look like a simple puzzle. We devised a plan where Co’Bok and myself would engage one of the giants in the room while Sheldon Yamis and Leena would teleport the other giant out of the room form the other side and kill it in the hallway. We all agreed and snuck back to our spots. On my way back I drew my sword preparing for battle… Stupid me the noise seemed deafening in the silence of the hall… Sure enough the Giants were aware when we returned. Co’Bok as usual reacted quickly charging into the room leaping to the bridge and ramming the closest giant. The Giant slid across the bridge and started off the edge – grasping for the ledge and missing landing at the bottom of the room amidst sharp crystal shards.

Sheldon upheld his part of the plan as one of the disappeared and reappeared on the far side of the room inside of the hallway on that side… A quick series of magicks and flashing blades could be seen. The Giant that has fallen was quick to recover and immediately teleported to back to the platform next to Co’Bok, took a swipe at him and then dropped a field of astral pockets about the bridge surrounding Co’Bok. I stepped in the room and to the edge of the platform calling upon the Gods to compel the creature to my side. But the giant was not easily swayed he shook off my commands with a glare and concentrated his attention on Co’Bok. The Giant produced a huge blazing sword seemingly also made of astral energies and kept up his assault on Co’Bok, who was dealing blow after Blow against the Giant. I decided that the Will of the creature was too great for my compulsion to work and jumped to the platform flanking the giant creating openings for Co’Bok. Apparently I was also creating openings for Sheldon as a bolt whistled past my ear and into the earhole of the Giant. The Giant howled, and plucked the bolt from his head while striking at Co’Bok Yet again.

Apparently Sheldon Leena and Yamis had made short work of their giant and decided it was time to help us with ours. Yamis charged out of the hallway and made a leap across the cavern. Upon landing he called upon Pelore and a spirit was conjured next to Co’Bok It parried several blows form the giant, and then simply exploded in a shower of divine radiance. Leena held her hands high and started chanting…

After a few moments Leena called to me, “Damakos unleash hell on it I have the room under control!”
I unleashed spikes of agony on it. Arcane energies swirled about the creature forming large barbs that tore flesh restricting its movement while rending him. A few more well placed crossbow bolts and some hefty hacking form Co’Bok and the second giant was ended.

We surmised that both doors from this place went to the same location, and tested that theory Co’Bok and I again went to one door and Sheldon Yamis and Lena to the other. we opened the doors and sure enough we were at opposite ends of the same room. A large round room with a plinth at the center, a circular grating making up the floor around the plinth and 4 silvered mirrors located at the cardinal points of the plinth… pointing Northeast, Southeast, southwest, and northwest… Too much of a coincidence. Again I tasted the Arcane flows something extra dimensional about the mirrors and wards of protection on the gratings

Beneath the grating I could see a glistening white staircase headed down to parts unknown… obviously we needed to understand this room to open the grating… I sensed no magicks form the floor so I carefully made my way to the plinth to examine it. Sheldon produced a small trinket he had removed form one of our victims. A religious totem of some kind that he felt might be a key. The Plinth had many ancient arcane runes inscribed. So old that even my in depth knowledge of ancient methods was unable to immediately recognize them. About the Plinth there were 4 indentations form the Runes I was able to discern that they were keyholes of a sort, somehow activating the plinth. I could not tell exactly to do what though, but presumably it opened the grating. But I sensed something more.. The Runes were far to complicated to simply open a trapped flooring. Sheldon examined the grating looking for ways to Bypass whatever mechanism or magic was holding it shut… Co’Bok produced a small tool form his crafting kit and tried to bend the bars of the grating… That was when we almost all simultaneously reacted to the mirror on the northeast rippling and a beast appeared… A Malformed thing out of a childhood nightmare… flashing in and out of our existence, to wherever it came from We immediately surrounded it and unleashed a barrage of lethality that MOST impressive. In seconds the creature was slaughtered, only to be replaced by a twin emerging form the southeast mirror. I teleported to it and laid a wicked slash across the newcomers back dropping my curse on it to compel its attention to me. The others quickly followed suit, moving to engage with the intent of repeating the fate of the one we just dispatched…

10PM Bell Rings…

The Portal
-- Sheldon POV Session 117 --

We exited the chamber through the set of double doors which led into a dimly lit corridor fifteen feet wide and tall into a very large chamber like an underground theater. Several tiers led down some twenty feet or so to the floor of the chamber while vaulted ceiling jumped above another thirty from our level. In the center of the room was a large glowing something that was, yet was not there. It gave the impression that it was transparent, but you couldn’t see through it. Very odd. But what drew all our attention rather quickly was the large number of rather surprised looking Githyanki scattered around the chamber.

Taking advantage of the moment, and being what one might call rather impetuious, Co’Bok leapt down the stairs, cleaving one unfortunate in twain, continued his charge to another unlucky soul who took a nasty slash that left a significant slash through his leather armors and into his chest, then spun in place to deliver a devistating blow to yet another droping him in place as well. He ended his series of deadly maneuvers near the edge of the glowing thing. We had been told to not approach it, and indeed tentrils of glowing something seemed to be reaching toward my companion and falling just short.

Then Co’Boks impetuousness was brought fully to light as nearly every one of the githyanki moved to engage him. Though he dodged mightily, and retailiated visciously at every turn, he was soon covered in wounds, many of which looked to be severe. Damakos advanced down the stairs and engaged some that the foot, attempting to draw away some attention. Leena did her wonderful trick with smoke only the enemy could see, I placed a few well selected crossbow shots, but Yamis was the one who helped Co’Bok the most. A whirring and clashing barrier of blads appeared on all but the side facing the gateway. Any githyanki who wished to fight Co’Bok needed to either brave th eblades, or the mysterious but dangerous looking effects surrounding the gateway itself. None elected to do so and soon Co’Bok was left to catch his breath for a moment.

A few moments later, Yamis called forth a curse in Pelor’s name that a particular gith should be marked for death. Immediately, everyone concentrated upon the vulneralble githyanki warrior. Damakos teleported away to attack him, Co’Bok did something with his blade and somehow reached through the barrier around him to smash the unlucky soul flat. Only bits and pieces landed here and there as he stumbled through the twirling barrier of death on his way to the floor.

Three of the githyanki at the foot of the stairs looked up in glee at the spellcasters, and lowly me. When they came up, I disabused them of their confidence, leaving myself open to the attack in a show of contept of utmost order. I told the gith he should run away, fully intending to stab him in the liver if he did – but he wisely did not. Not until every one of his companions had dropped to the floor in an amayzingly short time. He made it a single step.

Near the end of this fight, the Free Riders came in through the other doors of the chamber, chasing several fleeing githyanki. They looked none the worse for wear. We had a brief conversation. They’d killed “dozens” of githyanki in their path inward but had encountered nothing like the undead, giants, nor the priests in the next room.

We retrieved the priests who promptly performed a ritual past my understanding that removed the barriers and her people immediately fled through. Damakos grabbed her arm before she could go. We had questions, she had a very few answers. We hadn’t told them they could leave and I was I must say, more than a touch upset that our pilots were all gone. So much for the plan of stealing a dozen warships.

As we began interrogating the priestess, the Free Riders pulled out sending-stones and contacted PoP, summoning Amariya and Bejam, along with a whole guard contingent and a cadre of Nephaese seers.

What we have here is the “World Gate” for the prime. It connects our world to the “Well of Worlds”. This is a pocket dimension somehow hanging off of the Astral sea but not part of it. It connects to all of the World Gates on thousands of worlds, allowing the githyanki and [b]only[/b] the githyanki to travel nearly instantly from there to anywhere they wish. Why, I wonder would they have then needed that idiot stone-skinned king and his realm? No answer there.

In any case, one must be githaynki to enter, for the gate rejects all who are not of githyanki blood. Hmmm. Except for the giants with the glowing tattoos. A quick bit of research, the sages digging throgh the remains of a nearly destroyed library for clues, and examining the tatoos on the giants, and it was announced that the feat could be duplicated but it would be personally costly to Bejam as the primary ritual caster. Somehow, the “white fire tatoo” masks the signature of our own souls and blood, forcing it to appear to be githyanki so far as the gates are concerned. Satisfied we could use the gateway once this was done, we released the priestess, admonishing her to not return to the prime.

The Free Riders were given the task of securing the gateway. It is a vital task, if one without much glory. We would traverse the multiverse and take the fight to the enemy for a change. The ritual was cast and now we step throught the gateway.


There was a guard. Our world gate leads to an unbearably bright chamber filled save for a small tunnel/platform leading to a pair of double doors some fifty feet away or so. Surrounding that is a cloudy, swirling something that isn’t a gas, nor a liquid, and certainly not a solid. Further out yet, a stone sphere in which we are suspended in the center. The guard was some kind of wraith made of the substance around the platform. Being insubstantial, it was difficult to truely damage. It also had the ability to blast us away from it off into the mists. Once in the mist, we could no longer feel the pull of the ground, and could feel energies swirling through us. Trying to slowly pull various bits in different directions, and burning into us. Unpleasant. And difficult to deal with, as if you have nothing to grab, you cannot move once in this mist.

To add further complications, our white fire tatoos acted up. Buring with fierce pain until one took the time to wrestle the soul masking magics back where they belonged through a kind of mental exertion of self. It’s difficult to explain, and must be experienced to be understood properly. With only minor wounds, but great efforts, we defeated the wraith and now we are preparing to exit the chamber. It is painfully bright and I want to exit immediately so I will scout ahead.

Well of Worlds...
Damakos's PoV

So we mopped up the rest of the Githyanki and had a short meeting with the Free Riders.. Anyway in short order we all did a quick analysis of the portal, the Chaniiri let down the force field and left the prime – all but one. I stopped Talenee and told her that I needed her help in developing a way to bypass the gates affinity for only Githyanki. She seemed Miffed – but I really don’t care. I’m fighting for my world, and her sensitivities are of little concern in that matter. She did lay out the situation though – explaining an alliance between the new githyanki leader and Tiamat… That explains the dragons exarchs showing up all over the place, something I suspected but now have confirmation of.
We set about examining the portal and the whitefire tattoo marks of several of the dead specifically the Firbogs… Very complicated piece of arcane trickery going on here. Some sort of soul masking- connected to the portal magicks… very complicated.

The Free Riders took it upon themselves to contact the Protectors of the Prime. They had sending stones that allowed them to contact them… (Why they have them and not us is still a mystery). Their gnome wizard passed on the particulars of this portal and in short order Amariya, Bejam and several other Nephalese mages/diviners popped through to join us. We all started to examine the puzzle pieces of the Githyanki, their plans, this portal, the whitefire marks… It all adds up to no good. It became abundantly clear that the well of worlds is the nexus that allows the Githyanki to be so dangerous and execute their plans to attack other planes (specifically ours) so effectively. We decided that it would be prudent of us to go to this well of worlds and see about destroying/disabling or coopting it for our use instead of the Githyanki. The Key to that plane laid in these tattoos… tattoos that allowed non-githyanki to use the portals. I informed Bejam of my initial study and he agreed about my findings… he started to quote some esoteric text about infusing arcane and divine magicks simultaneously to hide ones true self from detection coupled with a token that held the essence of another to fool the detection spells… and that this mark was of a similar ilk but subtly different an applied in a novel manner to this problem. He simultaneously admired the skill while having disdain for the process as it required a piece of the soul of taken from the false identity. He further figured out that we could reuse the residual energies form the formorians if we hurried -the required essence was dissipating quickly, and that to replace it we’d have to sacrifice another githyanki… The only one left to us was Talenee and she was being reasonably helpful… We set about in haste to craft the proper ritual and cast it. The essences available were only enough for one party, us or the Free Riders. We were chosen, I told the free riders that while we were off getting all the glory that their role here defending this gate, and al the badness that was likely to flow through it shortly was perhaps not the limelight but definitely as important to our overall success. I think everyone knew that was not true, but I think it made them feel a bit better that we do respect their role in this endeavor.

With that we executed the ritual, Talanee adding some insights that made the transfer of essence easier. Bejam was the head of the ritual, and he paid a hefty price. After transferring the marks to use he fell gravely ill, and his attendants started to see to him. He spoke one last thing, “Go – Go to the well and deny it to our enemy or we may all be doomed.”
Talanee had held up her part of our bargain to get us to let the chaniiri go, and she soon followed her people. While we set about gathering our resources and departing for the Well of Worlds, and soon we were off as well – taking the fight to the enemies home turf… FINALLY
Entering the portal was an experience that was not pleasant, blinding swirls of light pierced our eyes through clenched lids. To say that it was Stomache churning would be an understatement but somehow we all managed to keep our meals.
I felt solid beneath my feet and I braved a glimpse of my surroundings. Through slitted eyes I determined that were on some sort of platform inside of a half globular room, filled with a blinding illuminated Fog off to our sides. in front of us was a platform of sorts that led to a set of double doors. coalescing in front of us near the middle of that platform was some sort of giant spectre seemingly made of the same fog that surrounded us. Co’Bok had apparently recovered from the trip as I spied him charging headlong into the beast. He slammed it with his sword, creating a swirling eddy within the creature that was apparently painful. the creature responded by sending Co’Bok across the rest of the platform into the wall of the room. Sheldon responded by shooting it, then the rest of us got into the act.

I charged up to the thing charging my sword with arcane power and blasting a sword burst off… its been my experience that things that aren’t wholly there respond poorly when hit with arcane blasts of force. I was right, and when it was hit it briefly became solid as a result of the impact.
Co’Bok Charged back to engage slicing the thickened air that was the creature… again causing what appeared to be a painful reaction… and blast of swirling air emanated form the creature tossing us about and off of the platform in some cases. The “air” of the place was thick.. thick enough that we could stand on it, and so thick that it was very difficult to move despite a lack of pull to the floor. I spied Co’Bok in a similar predicament as myself on the other side of the room. floating with no foot or handhold to propel us toward the platform and footing. Fortunately I have other modes of transport… I engaged my dual lightning strike to allow me to teleport to the platform and attack the creature. I then retrieved a rope and tossed the other end to Co’Bok Meanwhile Yamis and Sheldon were on the far end of the room trying to figure out how to get back to the platform themselves.

Yamis called out a now familiar Pelorian Prayer, calling on the powers of creation to undo our foe… the creature responded with a howl, and started to visibly shake. It started to get a little semi-solid in places, allowing our blows to find more purchase within creature instead of simply stirring up its gaseous form. Co’Bok used my rope to pull himself to the platform and attacked the creature ferociously. Leena pelted it with magic missiles which also caused it to briefly become solid, Yamis kept up his prayers while trying to swim though the thick air, while Sheldon picked carefully select4es spots to implant crossbow bolts.
Then the brightness became too much dazzling in it brilliance, while simultaneously the tattoos Bejam had bestowed blazed with a heat even I was not immune to. We all became victim to the environment and the betrayal of the magicks that allowed us to be here. Ignoring it for the moment we kept up our combined assault on the astral beast. But one by one we were compelled to stop and deal with the betrayal within our own bodies… and one by one we mastered it either through sheer force of will or by arcane controls. In relatively short order we were all back in control of ourselves and the beast was slaughtered by our combined ill-will toward it.
Sheldon was all for leaving this horrifically bright room. and we were pretty much in agreement except that the rest of us felt the need to heal a bit first. He said he felt fine and he’d scout while the rest of us healed. He slipped out the door as Yamis laid a blessing on me. as I felt better I assisted Sheldon in the scouting. The room outside of us was circular arcing back in a circle much larger in circumference that the room we were in.
Sheldon had gone right, I went left. Odd – couches and coffee tables littered the place as if this were some sort of royal party room… I made my way carefully around the arc using the furniture for concealment.
“Holy crap would you look at the size of that spider”, I heard a Githyanki voice exclaim in deep speech.
“That shouldn’t be here!”, another said angrily
“Its probably a Familiar of some kind – look for a mage!”, Yet another yelled as I heard the blast of magic of some kind.
With that I peeked a look and saw half a dozen githyanki preparing for a fight. I was spotted! Several started to come my way and were suddenly enveloped in a magical aura. Apparently Leena had moved Sheldon’s way and was using her talents to my good fortune…

10PM arrives…

Enemy of My Enemy, but Friend of my other Enemy?
-- Sheldon POV Session 116 --

It has been far too long. I get caught up in the doing, rather than the chronicling. Turning back the pages I see that we had not even reached Chillreaver when last I left off. I have spoken with the others, and there are written accounts of all that up to where we are now. Damakos has been keeping a relatively complete record, and Jalissa when she is with us is like some sort of hired scribe when it comes to detailing everything we encounter. Therefore, I will sum up very briefly the cogent points.

We continued through the iceberg and encountered Chillreaver, the white dragon exarch of Tiamat. Chillreaver was in possession of the seed of winter. How this came about, he / she / it never did reveal. The seed was on a pilar in the center of the room, the focus of some magic mirrors that gave it power to dominate us and force us to do Chillreavers will. Seeing how dangerous that was, I focused on eliminating that threat immediately. As combat opened, I downed a potion of invisibility and made my way to the pedestal. Through an amazing feat of skill, I disabled the mystical protections and lifted the goodie to deprive the beast of its weapon. I then made my way to a hidden exit and opened the door, hoping to draw Chillreavers attention to the “fleeing thief”. It did not work. Instead, it continued to attack my companions, making use of a set of runes that magically healed it. So I sabotaged them as well so that they would no longer work. Chillreaver was slain and the iceberg broke apart. During the escape, I lost the Seed of Winter into the depths of the ocean.

When we returned to Nephalis, everybody insisted we had the Seed, despite my very convincing and sincere denial of the fact and I urged them to make expeditions to the bottom of the ocean where the iceberg had been. We were also given bad news detailed elsewhere about the death of the PoPs leadership.We made our way back to Sayre where the vote to allow the Green Dawn collectively to have a vote on the council was defeated. Only Damakos’s mother convinced us to continue having anything to do with these people by giving us her vote and getting the others to name us as ambassadors. Our mission was to be to seek out the Stone Skinned King and convince him that it was not in his best interest to continue allowing Githyanki to have free passage through his realm and into ours. In return, we offered nothing though the council members insisted that we should offer the Seed of Winter despite my once again incredibly sincere and detailed accounts about how it surely now lies at the bottom of the ocean.

Off we went. The court of the stone-skin king was a shambles. He was under the mental influence of what we later learned to be the Green Dragon Exarch of Tiamat. While there, be met Branco Ironfell. Yes, the same bastard who screwed us over before. Nearly, he was ended several times. But he has a silver tongue and just enough enlightened self interest that it is believable that he should switch to our side of the conflict when confronted with the evidence of our competence. Further, he offered a way to repair our airship. Soul crystals not only fuel the flight of the ships, but can also cause it to repair itself! With a bribe like that, I’m willing to let him live out his life in a small cabin in the woods near Overlook. Further, he had information on a portal that would take us to Garithias Anvil – the Githyanki shipyard!

Anyway, even once we defeated the exarch, and freed the kings mind from magical influence, he insisted that we had the Seed of Winter or that we could go get it and bring it to him. This ridiculous price was the cost of him agreeing to be helpful. Like I would trust a nutcase like him with something that dangerous anyway! To hell with him says I. We returned home having only partially completing our mission. The stone skinned king would no longer let Githyanki use his realm as a staging point for invading our world, but not because he was our ally, but rather because he was upset with them being in alliance with his cousin who wished to usurp his throne.

When we arrived home, I arranged to have the airship repaired, and the council tried to claim it as their own for the use of PoP. I nearly cut throats right there. How Dare They claim the single most valuable prize we have ever taken without so much as a by-your-leave? Cooler heads than mine eventually demonstrated to them the insanity of their statements and they acknowledged our ownership, especially of resources captured prior to formation of PoP and not even of PoP business. I do have good relations with the Nephalese leaders on the council, and convinced him to research an alternative fuel source and control mechanism for the flying ships. I find I want one of these as our mobile home base more than I want a mansion in Sayre. But I cannot justify consuming the souls of others to power it, nor am I willing to be dependent on someone else to pilot it for us.

Once again, I was approached about the Seed of Winter which I do not have and asked to give it over to the Nephalese for study on condition that they would let no one know they had it, nor where they had gotten it. Finally, fed up with the entire situation I told them they could have what I didn’t have but they should figure out how to destroy it, rather than how to use it. Oddly, that seemed to make them happy and they’ve left me alone on the subject ever since.

This brings us nearly up to date. We took our newly renovated ship North to a tower near the location of the gate that should lead to the shipyards. We arranged to have massive amounts of explosives manufactured in Brindhol for transport via my magical chest directly to the shipyards when we arrive. The plan being that we will destroy that which we cannot steal, destroying the Githyanki ships and ship building equipment. We docked at the top of the tower, and there met with the captain and in a surprising circumstance, Megan Swiftblade and the FreeRiders.

I was efficient, stealthy, and spotted anyway by some undead who could apparently somehow sense my very life force, since I was at the time a lowly centipede, which should have not drawn undo attention. I retreated to provide the information I’d gathered so far, saving the Free Riders scout from falling off a cliff on the way back. Pathetic. There ensued an argument about splitting the two groups to assault the position I had scouted, and the other entrance I had not scouted simultaneously. No amount of convincing arguments nor logic could sway the Free Riders. It was almost like they were zealots on a holy quest that demanded they divest themselves of the unbelievers (us). We eventually let them pursue their idiotic path and when our own way.

My intel was sufficient that we very quickly and neatly dispatched the defenders in the fist two chambers, followed immediately by two Firbolgs guarding a horde of githyanki priests who follow the Lich Queen, rather than the new Emperor. They plead for our assistance, insisting that this “fane” was theirs by right, and the other githyanki were defiling it and attempting to capture it for their emperor. Damakos was all for killing them on the spot.

Myself, I listened to their story and then insinuated myself into Damakos’s thought stream. “I see twelve potential pilots there.” I said to him.

“Pilots I do not trust, but ones who can steal ships on our behalf none the less. We help them against their invaders now, insist they come help us steal ships after. Then when we’ve gotten what we need, give them a choice. Vacate the Prime Plane and return to their own or convert to one of several approved religions…”

“Pelor,” interjectected Yamis.

“…or die.” I continued.

Damakos smiled and agreed. We asked what we would find in the room beyond the doors, but the githyanki priests were of nearly no help, other than advice to avoid the areas directly surrounding any of the altars, as well as staying at least five feet away from the protective shell around the gateway. They wouldn’t say what would happen, just that it would not be pleasant. So off we go.

The Githyanki Fane...

With the Specters and Githyanki pests dispatched with we made our way to the “debris room” as Sheldon told us it was befouled with Githyanki psychic residue. Sheldon also told us of a small Library off the other corridor, and a secret door in the wall of the debris room. We waited for him to scout both some small amount of coinage in the secret door room along with a Githyanki corpse, and nothing in the library it had been ransacked, and was pretty well destroyed and devoid of anything valuable. The debris room was “relatively” safe to traverse as small exposure to the energy was not too bothersome, but staying near any of the debris was a sure way to a splitting headache. We crossed quickly and made our way to a set of stairs going down. As we suspected the room below was empty, its inhabitants having come up to fight us in the hallway outside the debris room. Co’Bok and I heard the distinct sound of arguing – perhaps even interrogation beyond a set of doors leading out of this room.

We readied ourselves and Co’Bok Opened the doors as I took stock of what was transpiring. A very large room filled tons of debris shattered weapons racks, with more psychic pillars and two GIANT formorians smishing a couple of Githyanki to a fine shmear on the floor, with a group of a dozen or more githyanki huddled at the far end of the room… Odd but lets see where I can take this.
“Great! We’ve come to assist you in the killing of this githyanki scum. I’m glad we’re not too late!”, I bellowed waiting to gauge their response. It was a bit confused but not so much as to stop them from attacking us on sight…
“So much for keeping this friendly”, I said as I charged the first one to take a motion towards us. I intercepted him mid room and caught him very off-guard slicing across his midsection with a vicious ragged cut.
At that point Leena cast a spell forcing the giants to wander off and attack one another. this had the effect of them passing through several of the psychic pillars of light. The result was both as comical as it was spectacular. Each time they crossed one of the pillars the giants were spun about like playthings and tossed in random directions… often into another pillar wash-rinse-repeat. The resulting pin-balling around of formorians was amussing to say the least. It left both giants reeling on the floor wondering what had happened. Co’Bok Yamis and Sheldon wasted little time taking advantage of the nearest Giant’s confused state. They unloaded a fierce barrage of mace, fullblade and rapier strikes that left the giant all but dead.
I turned back to the giant at my feet as I spoke, “I told you I was here to help you but I really don’t need your help in dealing with Githyanki, enjoy the afterlife”, I stated matter of factly as I engaged my lightning strikes, hacking into the almost dead one, and bampfing over to his still recover friend I had started talking with in the first place.
In a few seconds the giants were dispatched and the githyanki prisoners started blathering on about protecting them form an invasion, and they would help us… please – this lot can’t protect themselves – AND they are githyanki, untrustworthy on a good day… and this is not that good of a day. But they insist that there are more coming form the emperor of the Githyanki that wants this temple of theirs for his own. I want this temple for myself so I can destroy it forever keeping those sons- of whores off my plane of existence… right after we destroy the fleet of githyanki ships. Sheldon calms me down and convinces me to “use” them for now, as they may be able to work the portal AND each one of them is a potential githyanki ship pilot. OK fine we go off into the next room to kill some more “bad githyanki” (is there really any other kind)…
We open the door and Co’Bok charges in without looking, at the biggest, baddest one he can identify, slightly off to our left down a flight of stairs.

Meanwhile the rest of us are caught off guard by his rash action. The Githyanki however are not… They rush in cutting us off from Co’Bok… he is quickly surrounded, and wailed upon repeatedly. He give a good deal right back but in short order he is nearly cut down. Enter our intrepid Cleric of Pelore… Seeing Co’Boks plight he throws a Pelorian blessing healing much of his wounds, followed by the whirling wall of blades that the Cleric uses to surround Co’Bok making it a tough decision to stand next to the Barbarian and continue fighting. Yamis then takes a few steps forward and pelts a dual sword wielding Githyanki in the face, with his mace… crushing its skull neatly. I try to get a little close to the Barbarian so that I can use my magics as well.. and am also quickly surrounded by githyanki… I enter my aspect of fury and all who dare come near me are burned by hellfire. Several run to attack me to be ended by their zeal to get at me…

10PM Bell rings.

Finally taking it to the enemy instead of being hit by them

We arrived back at Sayre after a grueling trip to the Fey-wild… We were met with ill news, Gils Father was having difficulty reassembling the Goliath Civilization… and required the assistance of our Warlord. After a thorough think on it Gill made the tough decision to assist his father that the Goliath’s may bring more resources to this fight through his tutelage and experience as a leader. Jalissa was summoned back to the University, to commit to posterity her knowledge of the seed of winter, as well as instruct a new crop of seekers. A promotion within the ranks of the church for sure.

I have to say that LONG have I been feeling that we were far too reactive to this Githyanki invasion always chasing them defending our homes instead of punching them in the mouth to make them think twice. Finally we have some intelligence that will let us strike at them where it will hurt. Branco Ironfell, the devious little bastard that he is has delivered the location of the Githyanki shipyards… one of the primary staging points for their incursions into our world. His motivated self interest has finally done some good for the world. Apparently there is a portal to this shipyard in the mountains north east of Brindol near a old watchtower that has historically been the ending destination for every misfit and washed up guardsman of the Prime… A perfect spot for the Githyanki to conduct their invasion without it being detected. The protectors of the Prime, agreed that it was time to take it to the enemy and endorsed our mission. And Surprisingly a figure from our past arrived offering help – Lenna, Sarshans sometime mistress and ultimate betrayer. She arrived offering assistance as a War Witch. Seeing how we had lost 2 members in rapid succession it seemed a good idea to add someone – and she has proven capable in the past. However I must say I don’t completely trust her. She turned on Sarshan to assist us out of self motivation… She could turn on us just as easily. We will use her for now… and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on her.

We entered the mountains looking for this portal and found Githyanki there alright. manning guard posts of their own, protecting some sort of underground structure. we also encountered the free riders there… They are a competent bunch, if a bit hard-headed. They wanted to join us on our mission, but they lack a sense of strategy that is mind-boggling. I’m positive that they only survive through sheer luck and perhaps the will of the divine. That last bit is not to be underestimated however as I am now positive that the hands of the deities are pull our strings for their own ends. Putting us where they need us to be for reasons still clouded from my reasoning. After arguing with the Free Riders a bit about the best course of action I decided that the only reason for being this stubbornly bent on a clearly inferior tactic was a divine “willfulness” to perform a needed task elsewhere, and let them go about their business as we went about ours.

We sent Sheldon to scout. He is getting very good at this – he was able to go into their stronghold and map out a goodly amount of it. It allowed us to prepare thoroughly for the first few guardposts, as well as some nasty undead-ish guards some sort of Githyanki specters. Gods only know what type of foul magic they summoned up to create them to be used as simple guardsmen. It demonstrates the significance of this place that they are willing to stoop so low In order to protect whatever secrets are beyond.
We had the element of surprise as we carefully moved into the stronghold sneaking through some natural caverns to the first Githyanki “fortifications”. It was a small contingent of Githyanki, lead by two sergeants and a bunch of regulars… Typical for a guardpost. With Sheldon’s help we snuck right up on them and laid into them with a ferocity they were completely unprepared for. Dispatching the dozen or so of them in under 20 seconds.

The only thing of real note was both reassuring and disconcerting simultaneously… there were invisible fissures in the very stone and air that leaked astral energies whenever someone passed by. Clear evidence that this place is contaminated by the Githyanki magicks. We are in the right place but not soon enough to stop the pollution of the prime by these foul creatures.

Sheldon motioned that in the next set of hewn corridors beyond this cavern entrance is where he encountered the undead specters. His quick investigation had been detected by the specters as they were able to sense his very life-force which despite his ample skill at remaining hidden he was unable to mask… before his detection however he was able to see the room they were in. A room strewn with debris with a large opening in the middle surrounded by a railing. Sounds of more Githyanki emanated from the opening indicating more Githyanki below. We quickly surmised that it would be better to try and lure the specters away and deal with them without also trying to deal with additional Githyanki. We assembled the party in 2 pieces one on the stair leading out of the natural cavern and Sheldon past the opening into the specters room. I would pretend to stumble on the specters as if I were unaware of them and then lead them back to my friends with Sheldon being safely behind them able to do his sneak attack thing. It was a good plan – as far as these things go.

Sheldon went off and hid and after a reasonable amount of time I proceeded down the stairs to the intersection of the room.

As I approached the intersection I was not quite quiet enough… They had unexpectedly heard me coming and were moving in my direction before I was prepared to run… I was quickly engaged by two of three Specters, the third had descended into the opening presumably to warn the remaining Githyanki. So much for well laid plans. Still I retreated to the top of the stairs where my comrades were waiting… the Specters followed. In short order they were joined by the Githyanki below… this is not going to plan, but we’ll have to make due As the Specters and Githyanki rounded the corner at the top of the stairs Co’Bok, Yamis and Leena sprang to action… mighty sword strikes, obscuring damaging clouds, and exhortations to Pelore erupted around me and the Githyanki. Co’Bok got the idea to cut off the Gith we had engaged from any reinforcements and closed the doors behind them… we made short work of those trapped inside, but sounds of combat could be heard beyond the door… Sheldon must’ve been discovered, and he wont last long against all of them despite his propensity for evading and hiding.

We opened the Doors and quickly moved down the stairs to assist Sheldon. He was still hidden in his spot but that did not deter the Githyanki9 form attempting to hit him. We all converged and made any pay that continued to attack Sheldon… as did Sheldon himself. All in all the plan was not as designed by reasonably successful especially after we determined that the debris in the Specters room was psychically charged and would have made fighting there very difficult for us.

Now Lets find that Portal to the Shipyard and take the fight to them for a change…

update to the really short version

Got the Fey-wild, and were greeted by some “supernatural” being who wanted to be entertained, by us fighitng firbogs…

Head firbog had a temper tantrum when we refused to fight him as we had deemed him unworthy. He begrudginhgly took us an eladrin camp.

Eladrin Queen of the frost winter court or some such wantes us to use the seed of winter to bribe the stoned skinned king to team up with her to wipe out some other Formian call Sanguire who is really the guy helping the Githyanki.

We denied having the seed… as we have all along. But agreed to put the proposal to the SSK after we aired our own grieveances.

Ambushed in the eladrin camp on the way to the SSK… Raksasha Assassins – decent ones too.

Went to the SSK – he drugged or a magical stupor only interested in bloodshed of gladatorial games. Sovalcles (Grima-wormtongue) is running the show.

We are given quarters to stay the night.

Ambushed by agents of Sanguire and Bramko of the karak lode debacle at dinner and shortly after.

Find the old advisor and the eladrin embassadors locked up… along with a surly but somehow likeable gnome. release them…

pretty much caught up…

Again Sorry for the brevity…

OK, OK - the Short Version

The fight with Chillreaver was intense – resulting in the ice cave crumbling around us. We escaped via the metal lobsters.

Nefelus was saved – they were happy

We got news that there was an assassination of two members of the protectors of the primce council. We hurried back to Sayre

Harranging about a voice in the council — Daneen elected new leader – we were appointed designated ambassadors for the council.

My Spy-net reported in… Stone skinned king – supporting Githyanki, or at least not opposing them as they use his lands as a launching point for various invasions. Also provided a way into the fey-wild.

WE decided to be Ambassadors to the fey-wild and ask politely that they stop raiding the prime for slaves while investigating githyanki invovlement.

New playiner in the kings court – Sovacles – seems to be a grima worm-toungue relationship here from what my spies describe… gotta speak to the old advisor and figure out what the relationships are…

Get the key – had to smoke some cyclops and a golem… time to go to the fey-wild

Peace and Love - No I aint John Lennon

All – please for the sake of the game and our friendships…. lets let go of the shortcomings with 4E. Its a flawed system… Its a step too far toward the video game – invading our tabletop game for us hardcore RPG players – but it has value… If in nothing else that it has laid out a compelling story that our intrped GM is try hard to bring to life. While I often agree at the game table that the system is too rigid, and that slavish devotion to the system kills enjoyment of the game – I remind ALL that we play not because of the game system… Rather we play for the social interaction with others. People that enjoy an abstract world where the absurd is possible, where heorism is a choice, as well as being in right place at the right time AND having the courage to do the right thing at that moment… regardless of the dice-system involved.

Session details later – We Kicked Chillreavers Ass :)


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