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Finally taking it to the enemy instead of being hit by them

We arrived back at Sayre after a grueling trip to the Fey-wild… We were met with ill news, Gils Father was having difficulty reassembling the Goliath Civilization… and required the assistance of our Warlord. After a thorough think on it Gill made the tough decision to assist his father that the Goliath’s may bring more resources to this fight through his tutelage and experience as a leader. Jalissa was summoned back to the University, to commit to posterity her knowledge of the seed of winter, as well as instruct a new crop of seekers. A promotion within the ranks of the church for sure.

I have to say that LONG have I been feeling that we were far too reactive to this Githyanki invasion always chasing them defending our homes instead of punching them in the mouth to make them think twice. Finally we have some intelligence that will let us strike at them where it will hurt. Branco Ironfell, the devious little bastard that he is has delivered the location of the Githyanki shipyards… one of the primary staging points for their incursions into our world. His motivated self interest has finally done some good for the world. Apparently there is a portal to this shipyard in the mountains north east of Brindol near a old watchtower that has historically been the ending destination for every misfit and washed up guardsman of the Prime… A perfect spot for the Githyanki to conduct their invasion without it being detected. The protectors of the Prime, agreed that it was time to take it to the enemy and endorsed our mission. And Surprisingly a figure from our past arrived offering help – Lenna, Sarshans sometime mistress and ultimate betrayer. She arrived offering assistance as a War Witch. Seeing how we had lost 2 members in rapid succession it seemed a good idea to add someone – and she has proven capable in the past. However I must say I don’t completely trust her. She turned on Sarshan to assist us out of self motivation… She could turn on us just as easily. We will use her for now… and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on her.

We entered the mountains looking for this portal and found Githyanki there alright. manning guard posts of their own, protecting some sort of underground structure. we also encountered the free riders there… They are a competent bunch, if a bit hard-headed. They wanted to join us on our mission, but they lack a sense of strategy that is mind-boggling. I’m positive that they only survive through sheer luck and perhaps the will of the divine. That last bit is not to be underestimated however as I am now positive that the hands of the deities are pull our strings for their own ends. Putting us where they need us to be for reasons still clouded from my reasoning. After arguing with the Free Riders a bit about the best course of action I decided that the only reason for being this stubbornly bent on a clearly inferior tactic was a divine “willfulness” to perform a needed task elsewhere, and let them go about their business as we went about ours.

We sent Sheldon to scout. He is getting very good at this – he was able to go into their stronghold and map out a goodly amount of it. It allowed us to prepare thoroughly for the first few guardposts, as well as some nasty undead-ish guards some sort of Githyanki specters. Gods only know what type of foul magic they summoned up to create them to be used as simple guardsmen. It demonstrates the significance of this place that they are willing to stoop so low In order to protect whatever secrets are beyond.
We had the element of surprise as we carefully moved into the stronghold sneaking through some natural caverns to the first Githyanki “fortifications”. It was a small contingent of Githyanki, lead by two sergeants and a bunch of regulars… Typical for a guardpost. With Sheldon’s help we snuck right up on them and laid into them with a ferocity they were completely unprepared for. Dispatching the dozen or so of them in under 20 seconds.

The only thing of real note was both reassuring and disconcerting simultaneously… there were invisible fissures in the very stone and air that leaked astral energies whenever someone passed by. Clear evidence that this place is contaminated by the Githyanki magicks. We are in the right place but not soon enough to stop the pollution of the prime by these foul creatures.

Sheldon motioned that in the next set of hewn corridors beyond this cavern entrance is where he encountered the undead specters. His quick investigation had been detected by the specters as they were able to sense his very life-force which despite his ample skill at remaining hidden he was unable to mask… before his detection however he was able to see the room they were in. A room strewn with debris with a large opening in the middle surrounded by a railing. Sounds of more Githyanki emanated from the opening indicating more Githyanki below. We quickly surmised that it would be better to try and lure the specters away and deal with them without also trying to deal with additional Githyanki. We assembled the party in 2 pieces one on the stair leading out of the natural cavern and Sheldon past the opening into the specters room. I would pretend to stumble on the specters as if I were unaware of them and then lead them back to my friends with Sheldon being safely behind them able to do his sneak attack thing. It was a good plan – as far as these things go.

Sheldon went off and hid and after a reasonable amount of time I proceeded down the stairs to the intersection of the room.

As I approached the intersection I was not quite quiet enough… They had unexpectedly heard me coming and were moving in my direction before I was prepared to run… I was quickly engaged by two of three Specters, the third had descended into the opening presumably to warn the remaining Githyanki. So much for well laid plans. Still I retreated to the top of the stairs where my comrades were waiting… the Specters followed. In short order they were joined by the Githyanki below… this is not going to plan, but we’ll have to make due As the Specters and Githyanki rounded the corner at the top of the stairs Co’Bok, Yamis and Leena sprang to action… mighty sword strikes, obscuring damaging clouds, and exhortations to Pelore erupted around me and the Githyanki. Co’Bok got the idea to cut off the Gith we had engaged from any reinforcements and closed the doors behind them… we made short work of those trapped inside, but sounds of combat could be heard beyond the door… Sheldon must’ve been discovered, and he wont last long against all of them despite his propensity for evading and hiding.

We opened the Doors and quickly moved down the stairs to assist Sheldon. He was still hidden in his spot but that did not deter the Githyanki9 form attempting to hit him. We all converged and made any pay that continued to attack Sheldon… as did Sheldon himself. All in all the plan was not as designed by reasonably successful especially after we determined that the debris in the Specters room was psychically charged and would have made fighting there very difficult for us.

Now Lets find that Portal to the Shipyard and take the fight to them for a change…


Good to see a log post! It’s been awhile…

I like what you said “…will of the divine.”.

I’m sure that eye of yours will be more than watching Leena for the purpose of which you say. Seems Cobok has taken a liken to her…lol

I’ve uploaded her new image to my photobucket account here : http://s136.photobucket.com/user/Boka77/library/?page=1 ***her pic is on that first page.


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