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it never ends...

We Barely wash the stench off of us and the Protectors of the Prime and my Mother ask us to perform an urgent task… the city of Nefulus is having some sort of weather difficulties and everyone has lost contact with them.

My goodness can’t we even get BREATHER!?!

Sheldon seems miffed that the Protectors of the prime have voted Lord Torrance as leader of their coalition, and Daneen as the head general I guess one decent decision out of 2 isn’t all bad. But I think that he’s mainly upset that the council seems to think that we are their personal go-fer’s … a position I understand. For all that we’ve done, we do not seem to get the respect we’ve well and truly earned… he’s insistent on having a full vote in the council… I think he’s shooting too low we should be heading it… but a vote is better than what we have which is apparent indentured servitude to these guys. However my mother made this particular request to seek out nefulus and see if we can help them out. Otherwise I think he’d be mad enough to walk on these guys. A sentiment I understand, but its apparent to me that there is an concerted attack on the prime, the Elisir Vale in particular. And with my visions and newfound belief that the gods are playing us I see no coincidence that as my paramour Seek er Jalissa from the temple of Ioun in Overlook has a new lead on the seed of winter, AND the city of Nefulus being bound by a wall of ice. This is too much, I feel in my bones the hands of the gods playing on their gameboard.

A short while later and we’ve hastily reprovisioned and set sail for Nefulus. A week later we arrive at the dense fog, and hours later we come to the ring of ice. A ring of ice patrolled by frost giants. Thankfully the prow of this ship has been reinforced by steel, and crafted to break ice. The captain tells us that he needs a minute or so to break through the ice. The giants decided to not give us that needed time. We leapt from the boat and fought the delaying action giving the captain the time he needed and slipped through their blockade. We hung out in the fog and recouped ourselves before setting off to the city itself.

When we arrived it was an impressive city… Old… Very Old yet extremely well maintained. Set on the steep mountain isle its dwellings and buildings were mostly built into the harsh topology, making for a complicated series of switchbacks as the only way to get from here to there anywhere in the city. We arrived and were greeted by a Deva named Bejim and he and my mother wanted to speak privately. We were escorted to our quarters and allowed to get cleaned up. Early the next day we were summoned to the deva court and the situation explained… Neflus was indeed under attack from the seed of winter. The seed being wielded by a creature of massive arcane power, most likely a very powerful wizard. We were also informed that the cities deva mages were actively performing a complicated ritual to stop the city form being overwhelmed by the power of the seed. Bejim asked us to complete a mission that they started but failed in. they have identified the source of the magic as coming from an enormous iceberg. They sent ships but have nto had any contact since, and they assume that some icy-enhanced fishmen and/or frost giants hae intercepted their ships and killed the occupants. One occupant was of import though a deva mage, he asked us to keep an eye out for him. He asked us this down the longest friggin’ staircase on the prime… deep under the island nation to a room filled with a large pool and several giant robotic lobsters. He explained that these devices were magical underwater boats called “the Apparatus of qualish.”, and that he’s giving them to us in hopes that we can reach the giant iceberg undetected, and succeed where their previous expedition failed. He then gave us a few small items to assist us, and sent us on our way.

The small craft are hard to control but we got a decent hang of it after a while, and made our best possible speed to the iceburg… however as we approached 2 giant sharks approached being ridden byicy-blue fishmen… F@%*!k


A nice change of pace from the normal dungeon crawls…Boat…submersibles…then an iceberg…Should make for a nice change of pace and interesting encounters.

I’ve also started on a 3D model for one of the upcoming encounters. It is more than half-way done, and at this point, just needs some fine tuning and then final trimwork (as they say in the trade). No pics until afterwards ofcourse!

it never ends...

Oh btw, this adventure path gets better as you continue through the paragon tier. I haven’t read any of the modules for the epic tier yet, but some of the research and reviews has stated that the epic tier has been the most for for all!

it never ends...

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