Old Skool Gamers SoW Campaign

OK, OK - the Short Version

The fight with Chillreaver was intense – resulting in the ice cave crumbling around us. We escaped via the metal lobsters.

Nefelus was saved – they were happy

We got news that there was an assassination of two members of the protectors of the primce council. We hurried back to Sayre

Harranging about a voice in the council — Daneen elected new leader – we were appointed designated ambassadors for the council.

My Spy-net reported in… Stone skinned king – supporting Githyanki, or at least not opposing them as they use his lands as a launching point for various invasions. Also provided a way into the fey-wild.

WE decided to be Ambassadors to the fey-wild and ask politely that they stop raiding the prime for slaves while investigating githyanki invovlement.

New playiner in the kings court – Sovacles – seems to be a grima worm-toungue relationship here from what my spies describe… gotta speak to the old advisor and figure out what the relationships are…

Get the key – had to smoke some cyclops and a golem… time to go to the fey-wild


sorry for the brevity… I had very little time… but wanted to get this up to date.

OK, OK - the Short Version

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