Old Skool Gamers SoW Campaign

Peace and Love - No I aint John Lennon

All – please for the sake of the game and our friendships…. lets let go of the shortcomings with 4E. Its a flawed system… Its a step too far toward the video game – invading our tabletop game for us hardcore RPG players – but it has value… If in nothing else that it has laid out a compelling story that our intrped GM is try hard to bring to life. While I often agree at the game table that the system is too rigid, and that slavish devotion to the system kills enjoyment of the game – I remind ALL that we play not because of the game system… Rather we play for the social interaction with others. People that enjoy an abstract world where the absurd is possible, where heorism is a choice, as well as being in right place at the right time AND having the courage to do the right thing at that moment… regardless of the dice-system involved.

Session details later – We Kicked Chillreavers Ass :)



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