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Reflections upon recent events

-- Sheldon POV Session 101 --

Well, this journal has been rather sparsely kept. It would seem that I am a far better collector than producer of historically interesting documents. To bring this up to date since my last entry, our rescue of the Githzeri from their attackers was successful. Damakos took a serious beat down at one point, and even I was somewhat in bad straights at one point. But our plan was mostly successful.

The use of the captured ship with propped-up corpses along the sides to make it look fully manned allowed us to close without incident and launch our surprise attack. The enemy were not expecting to deal with anything like us. After we destroyed the attacking forces, we managed to capture Tokk’it’s girlfriend who was mentally dominated by the Githyanki into helping. She had a curious piece of glass, identical to the one we captured from the battle leader at the gates. Though not in themselves magical, Damakos thought (rightly it turns out) that they were communications devices.

From there, we travelled to the city of Syarre with all of the Githzeri on our captured ship. Most of the way there, the assassin who had failed to kill the last of the Githzeri leaders sabotaged the engines, causing the ship to crash-land in a dry river bed. We nearly killed him, but his abilities to teleport and remain out of phase with his surroundings served him well and permitted his escape. I am unbelievably upset with that bastard for destroying the ship. Now that we’ve traveled that way, all other modes of transport seem sub standard. I was really looking forward to having the ship be a mobile base of operations for the Green Dawn. Somehow, so much better than a fixed building in any given city.

Once we reached Syarre, we interacted with the league Damakos’s mother set up to resist the Githyanki attacks. It took some doing, but we managed to convince them to make an official alliance of mutual support with each donating valuable resources to the cause. Despite my lobbying, they chose the mayor of Syarre as the leader. Such is life.

We then went to investigate a Githyanking ex-patriot living in Syarre. It turns out, he did not repudiate his races attitudes, but rather was acting as a central intelligence agency and communications center. You see, he’d bought the mansion that happened to be situated on top of the tower of the sage who had founded the (prior) city of Augr. The one who had created a huge crystal sphere that allowed him to communicate (and spy) across vast distances. This device was destroyed by the Githyanki when they destroyed the city because of the nasty psychic waves (which I experienced and give one a really bad headache) it was dumping in the astral sea.

We destroyed Telecanthus, and destroyed his reconstructed “bitter glass”. I took revenge upon the lout who burned the only thing of real value Telecanthus had – an ancient map of Augr. I had the map in my hands and put it back with great care so the enemy would not know I’d seen it. When I returned later to fully scout, and retrieve it – the unmentionable bastard had burned it.

Onward by a few days, and the city gave the Green Dawn the mansion and possessions of Telecanthus to have as their own for the services we rendered. That’s nice. We now have a manse. WAY far away from Overlook and Brindhol. Somehow not as good as a flying base of operations, but it is what we have.

Then comes an “assignment” for us. We are to go to Nephilus and deal with what is obviously the Seed of Winter being used to attack it. I took great umbrage at the fact that it was assumed that the Protectors of the Prime (the name of the league) had the ordering of us. As though I were their lackey. As though the Green Dawn were their errand-boys. It was Damakos’s mother who “volunteered” us. I was extremely angry, and had it been anyone else I would have refused to participate on general principle. I did extract a promise to bring to vote a proposition to allow the Green Dawn as a whole a full-vote on the council, but not full membership. In the future, we will have a say in the guiding of the defense of the world, or they can go defend it on their own. We are the equivalent of an army and should be accorded the respect due.

Onward to an uneventful trip across the ocean to Nephilus where big surprise, there were frost giants to fight on an ice flow. We defeated them and moved on to meet with the leaders of the nation. They promised to join the coalition in gratitude for the aid. As price for my participation in rescuing their nation, I extracted an additional promise to vote YES on the granting of a voting position to the Green Dawn. We then descended to the depths of the island where we were introduced to three rather interesting contraptions.

Looking rather like enormous crayfish one finds in the local streams around Brindhol, but made of metal and with a hatch to allow occupants to get in. These devices were to be our transport mechanism to the unnatural iceberg floating off the shore and from whence the magic attempting to freeze the nation was coming. We were given a very strict time limit. 24 hours until the Nephilese wizards could no longer hold off the assault. We were also given a ritual scroll that would create a sort of pocket dimension where we could rest for 8 hours and only have one hour pass in the real world. That should come in handy later.

This brings us nearly up to the present. We navigated to the iceberg, infiltrated, and have thus far slain all who have seen us. This includes the initial guards, a blue giant salamander, something Damakos called a beholder, and a chamber full of ice pillars containing ice-touched cretures controlled by some Githzeri we were asked to rescue.

This last went rather well and we managed to take him out before he could release more than two weak foes who we dispatched with great ease. He is now unconscious and trussed up like a pig for the roast. I doubt even I could escape the knots I tied.

Having scouted ahead a little, I discovered the giants, and wolves beyond a chamber with a crevasse, and hole that also enters into the same chamber, but fairly far away. I’ve hatched a plan. The group will position themselves at this secondary entrance and wait. I will draw the attention of the enemy and lead them a merry chase. The group will slip in behind and we can just skip fighting a bunch of giants and move onward. I have the utmost confidence in my ability to loose them and catch up to the others. Time to go implement the plan.


Welcome back to the fold. You touched on everything you missed in possible prior blog entries and I enjoyed it all the same.

Reflections upon recent events

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