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turning the corner...

We came out of the hole and were confronted by a booming voice form the far side of a large room full of ice pillars… Ice pillars that seemed to contain captured creatures. The voice called out some sort of impending doom and saving us the pain of the change… or some such none-sense. The room was long and had 3 levels on the opposite side was a humanoid figure high in the shadows… I rushed out to him to try and draw his fire. He stepped from the shadows and two ice pillars exploded releasing two very large elementals of ice… a variety I am not familiar with, but they are not the main issue that guy was obviously controlling them and had the ability to release a lot more of them. Sheldon and I were on the same thought… I moved forward to get to him but he had an even better strategy. He deftly avoided the big hulking ice creatures then drew his rapier and waved it then stabbed the air. A ghostly rapier appeared next to the man high above and stabbed him in the abdomen.. presumably looking for a liver… the guy then disappeared and reappeared next to Sheldon on the other side of this room. Perfect.

Seeing the guy here near us the rest of the gang gave up their icy opponenets and went after him. Now that he was close it was obvious that he was a githzerai… presumably the one on that the Nefelus Mage Bejim asked us to retrieve. We piled on him dealing a blizzard of assaults that he was clearly not anticipating. I’m not sure who got the final shot in but in short order he was on the ground unconscious, and the elementals disapparated in front of our eye… Excellent
saved Scion Githzerai – Urion

We took stock of the area and there was a passage that led out leading to a larger opening that had some sort of chasm in it, a roughly carved passage branching off to another hole. We decided to let Sheldon scout. He passed through the chasm room to the next corner, then returned. He indicated that there were some large wolves and some giants in the next room with some sort of ice bridge that led up and out to the next higher level presumably. We decided that the best way would be to try and surprise them. Those that could climb well would take the rough passage to the hole and drop in behind the giants after those of us that can’t climb all that well rounded the corner and became targets for them and lured them over.

Little did we know that when we entered the chasm room we’d be attacked by large clawed creatures, that sent gaze attacks at us.

They kept trying to throw us into the pit and to separate us… the partially succeeded in separating Amaryia and she was looking pretty bad. I judged that my friends were keeping things in hand and went to rescue her… just in time as it seems as by the time I got to her she was on her last legs. She had retreated all the way into Urion’s domain and was bleeding all over. With two of us there though the creature was quickly overwhelmed, and we went back to assist out friends… who were no not so well off. They looked like a bunch of drunken sailors in a bar room brawl, falling over themselves, and sliding all around the ice. The remaining creatures (three of them) were using their gaze powers to move my friends all over the place. We ganged up on them one at a time and brought them down. While we were a bit winded from the battle none of us past Amaryia were seriously wounded. With the clock running on Nefelus we decided to try our luck with the giants, and Wolves. We rounded the corner and presented ourselves… they predictably attacked us on site.

Things were going OK for a while then the one in charge a female started orchestrating attacks against Amaryia and she was looking pretty bad again. She retreated a bit, and they turned their attack to Gil and tried to dump him off the ledge into an icy stream below shrouded in a frosty haze

It worked to an extent where Gil was toppeled over several times but he resisted and remained on the upper ledges. After Amaryia was out of direct danger we concentrated our attacks and dropped the giants and wolves in a pretty efficient manner. At this point Yamis spoke up and suggested Rest. Amariya looked like she needed it as well. Plus the seed of winter and whatever was guarding it is most likely upstairs. We decided to use the solace bole that Bejim had given us… it created an extra dimensional pocket where time was sped on the inside but outside remained constant. We spent 8 hours inside resting, while only 1 hour passed outside. Yamis had the idea to cast a ritual on Urion that would most certainly remove the effects of whatever was controlling his mind

Umberhulk chasm

ice-touched umbrehulks

Ice Bridge

Dire Winter wolves

Abyssal Hulk

Mis-fortune Devil

Ice Throne Roome

ice gargoyles


work in progress…

turning the corner...

The deva running from the frost giant is Amyria ;)

turning the corner...

Duh… Of courase it is. I pieced that together from a couple of pics in the module… Call it a tactical withdrawl :)

Mom doesn’t run :D

turning the corner...

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