Old Skool Gamers SoW Campaign

update to the really short version

Got the Fey-wild, and were greeted by some “supernatural” being who wanted to be entertained, by us fighitng firbogs…

Head firbog had a temper tantrum when we refused to fight him as we had deemed him unworthy. He begrudginhgly took us an eladrin camp.

Eladrin Queen of the frost winter court or some such wantes us to use the seed of winter to bribe the stoned skinned king to team up with her to wipe out some other Formian call Sanguire who is really the guy helping the Githyanki.

We denied having the seed… as we have all along. But agreed to put the proposal to the SSK after we aired our own grieveances.

Ambushed in the eladrin camp on the way to the SSK… Raksasha Assassins – decent ones too.

Went to the SSK – he drugged or a magical stupor only interested in bloodshed of gladatorial games. Sovalcles (Grima-wormtongue) is running the show.

We are given quarters to stay the night.

Ambushed by agents of Sanguire and Bramko of the karak lode debacle at dinner and shortly after.

Find the old advisor and the eladrin embassadors locked up… along with a surly but somehow likeable gnome. release them…

pretty much caught up…

Again Sorry for the brevity…



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