Lord Eoffram Troyas / Councilman in Brindol & PoP

Lord & Councilman in Brindol / An adventuring patron / Member of PoP (representing the Elsir Vale)


Councilmember Eoffram Troyas is a new addition to the Brindol city council. As such, he is less prone to the traditional means of accomplishing important tasks. In a short time, he has established a reputation as an outspoken, and sometimes combative, public figure. A half-elf, he has shown little of his race’s good natured tendency toward patience.

One of Troyas’s most recent controversial remarks was that he intended to use adventurers to aid in cutting downon recent bandit attacks in the Elsir Vale. “It’s time to think outside the box. I will do what I feel is necessary to defeat evil every time it pops up it’s ugly head.”. Other members of the council-despite the city’s recent history and survival thanks to the efforts of adventurers-were dubious, but willing to give Councilmember Troya’s policy a chance-to fail.

If tradition serves & rumors persist, many of the more entrenched public figures secretly believe that the mercurial nature of adventurers make them eminently unsuitable for the defense of the city. At least, that’s their public stance. Privately, rumors on the street continue to circulate about graft & embezzlement among the council, causing many to wonder if such members of the council would rather see the funds that are used to hire adventurers end up in their pockets.

SESSION 1 - Hired the characters to rescue the hostages, recover the stolen artifacts, & gain information about this goblin horde & their leader, Sinruth. This was a private meeting, and apparently without the blessings of the other council members.

SESSION 10 - After the celebration & jubilation died down, several days later, after success at Rivenroar, Lord Troyas held a meeting with the group. He was concerned about something SunnoDeacon Durgen (head priest at the Cathedral of Pelor) mentioned about a green tinted dawn on the 3rd morning. The group, already looking into some other strange events, impressed Troyas by telling him they’ve already discovered some information about the event along with a strange constellation of stars which McShane noticed, and needed to move on to the dwarven city of Overlook to glean more info. Troyas gave them a letter of certification (explaining that the Brindol council has had reputable dealings with the group) so they may speak to the Council of Elders, if needed.

SESSIONS 45-50 - Was rescued by The Green Dawn from the Fangren’s gnolls at the ancient Githzerai fortress high up in the mountains north of Brindol. Apparently, he was to be used as a sacrifice during a ritual to help Fangren become an exarch of Yeenoghu. He most happy to see the group and will certainly be a loyal supporter of The Green Dawn for many years to come.

SESSION 53 - Absolutely relieved to have been rescued by The Green Dawn. Upon returning to Brindol, he called an emergency meeting of all the councilmen. Brindol was to prepare it’s defenses for war. They made a quick legislative decision to continue taking in goliath refugees. Before The Green Dawn were to leave Brindol, Eoffram put the goliaths Yamis & Gil at ease, by telling them that Brindol is making a task force of scouts to search the hills and mountains for anymore survivors and to know more of the damage by the gnolls. He again, gave them his sympathies and wished them luck on the road.

Was recently added to the Protectors of the Prime as the representative of the Elsir Vale & Brindol.

QUOTES : “It’s people of your ilk whom the citizens will need the most. Most don’t even realize this. Many on the council say adventurer’s mercurial nature makes them eminently unsuitable for the defense of the city. Judging them to be undependable, of low morals, and lacking loyalty. I say ones of your ilk, are best suited for exactly situations like this.”.

Eoffram is on the far left in the picture

Lord Eoffram Troyas / Councilman in Brindol & PoP

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