Mirtala / Cook at the Pandashi Inn in Brindol

Works as a cook at the Pandashi Inn


This middle-aged woman is famous for her cooking at the well established Pantashi Inn in the eastern district of Brindol. Her best meal, as decided by the patrons, is her rosemary braised lamb shanks served with plenty of vegetables & potatoes.

She was recently captured during the raid by the goblins on Brindol & currently needs rescuing.

Session 04 – Found tied to an altar guarded by (3) dire rats & (2) gnome skulkers. Alive, but deseased. Provided information about 3 other captives; Adronsius, Sartanian, & Kartenix. Currently in the company of the PC’s.

Session 10 – Has had the most contact with the group since returning to Brindol. She has made arrangements with the owner of the Pandashi Inn, where is the main chef, for luxury accomodations. Each PC has been given free room & board, as well as 1st class service from Mirtala, such as gourmet meals; Apple Raisen Soup followed by Fried Steak in Peppercorn Sauce served with heaps of Broccoli & Sliced Potatoes. After the one week, the group will have a lifetime discount if they wish to stay at the Pandashi Inn.

QUOTES : “Oh dear, kind sir. Thanks is certainly not enough. When we make it back to Brindol, I will fix all of you my best meal.”

Mirtala / Cook at the Pandashi Inn in Brindol

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