Sartanian / Castellan for the Great Hall of Valor in Brindol

Castellan of the Great Hall Of Valor in Brindol


This elder gentleman is the castellan at the Great Hall of Valor in Brindol. Sertanian takes great pride in his job and takes meticulous care of every museum piece, artifact, & collectible that is housed in the Hall.

He is a veteran of the war against the Red Hand. A retired soldier, who has a fiery hatred of hobgoblins & goblin-kind alike.

He was recently captured during the raid by the goblins on Brindol & currently needs rescuing.

SESSION 05 - Was rescued from a jail cell in the ruins of Rivenroar. He was guarded by 2 gnome skulkers, who summoned 2 magma hurlers. Tried in vain to make it appear his capture wasn’t so bad. Currently in the company of the party.

SESSION 28 - Sheldon visited Sartanian at the Hall, to really investigate whether the Hall contained a runestone piece of the map which supposedly will reveal the lost Monastery of the One Truth. Sartanian was happy, yet nervous, upon seeing Sheldon, and really did a good job of staying by his side, safeguarding his charges.

  • “Sheldon? Is that you? What in the world are you doing here!? Can someone get me out of this damned cell!?”
  • “That wasn’t too bad. Just a couple rough days. I knew rescue would come.”.

Sartanian / Castellan for the Great Hall of Valor in Brindol

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