Thurann / 8yr old boy; Son of Captain Kartenex

8-year old son of Kartenix, a captain of Brindol


Thurann is only 8 years old, and loves the way of the soldier. No wonder! His father, Kartenix, has risen thru the ranks and is now a captain of the western district of Brindol. Those that know both father & son, these two can be seen together as often as possible. Thurann has been allowed into areas that is normally off limits to non-soldiers.

He was recently captured during the raid by the goblins on Brindol & currently needs rescuing.

A very attentive & observant young boy.

SESSION 07 - Was found being guarded by 2 ghouls & 2 zombies in another room featuring a fountain. Thurann shows adoration & glee to his rescuers, and when he tried to go hopping off after a few who trying to kill off the remaining ghoul, Yamis grabbed the lil bugger and held on to him tightly, saying ‘This isn’t a place to just go running off.’ Soon after, the young boy was riding piggyback style on Yamis’s shoulders. The heroes have not told Thurann the bad news about his father or mother yet…He is now safely in the company of the other rescued prisoners stowed in a room near the entrance.

Thurann / 8yr old boy; Son of Captain Kartenex

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