Morrick / Captured goblin blackblade (deceased)

Captured goblin during the raid on Brindol


Morrick was the ONLY goblin captured during the raid on Brindol. The raiders stole artifacts from the Great Hall of Valor, which were mementos from the war versus the Red Hand over 35 years ago… The raiders also took atleast 7 hostages.

Through interrogation by a group of adventurers, Morrick revealed that their chieftain, Sinruth, is behind everything. He wanted the treasures, because he said ‘They don’t belong to them. They are OURS!’. Morrick also revealed that Sinruth has made deals w/ the denizens at the ruins of Rivenroar, mostly the undead & is using this as his base of operations.

Morrick will stand trial shortly & will likely be put to death.

Morrick / Captured goblin blackblade (deceased)

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