Lord Hoyt Holt / Councilman in Brindol & Sheldon's father

Councilmember In Brindol & Owner of the Hoyt Trading Company


Hoyt Holt is a friendly older man, viewing the world from a very conservative point of view. He runs the family business, handed down through a few generations, called the Hoyt Trading Company.

The Hoyt’s are a noble family, tracing their ancestral path all the way back hundred’s of years to the Belvias family. The mixing of the races, elven & human, along the way, has left the Hoyt’s all human, with only some odd colors in some of the children eyes.

The Hoyt estate sits peacefully in the western district of Brindol, directly across the wide street from the Hall of Great Valor.

Hoyt is the father of Sheldon Holt, the only son to not share the common starting ‘H’ or ‘A’ for first names. His only brother is named Hollis. Hoyt’s sons are named, oldest to youngest, Hayn, Hollic, Hebbon, Hess, & Sheldon. Hayn & Hollic stand ready to take over the family business as Hoyt closes in on retirement.

SESSION 27a - Sheldon learns from Lord Broadleaf that the Holt’s are part of the Elsir Consortium. He also eludes to the fact that there are conspiracy theories about how the Consortium is looking to seize power, more power, in Overlook. He assures Sheldon that his family would never be part of such greed & corruption.

SESSION 48-50 - Having known his father was one of the ones taken hostage by Fangren’s gnolls, Sheldon was dead set on saving his father from a death no one deserves. He was rescued during their final battle with Fangren. He was found bound to a pillar. Those others around him were slowly being turned into minion demons. He was saved just in time. This marks the first time Sheldon has seen his dad since he began adventuring with The Green Dawn many months ago…

Lord Hoyt Holt / Councilman in Brindol & Sheldon's father

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