Isadella / Wife of Captain Kartenix


Wife to the late Captain Kartenix, who died in the ruins of Rivenroar.

An attractive woman of average height and build with brown hair & eyes. Being a soldier’s wife, she has a suprising inner strength which radiates and makes those around her feel safe.

Isadella was captured while on picnic outside Brindol along w/ her husband and child Thurann.

SESSION 09 - Rescued by the heroes and saved from a ritual that was draining her life force which also seemed to be turning her into an undead creature. Saved in the nick of time, with the group using the recovered war trophy shields, magic radiant attack, and consecration of the obelisk in combination to nullify and end the ritual. Isadella came around a couple hours later and was told by the heroes that her husband didn’t make it.

Isadella / Wife of Captain Kartenix

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