The FarStriders (deceased)

Adventuring Group


Edgar Sommerfield Jen-Elee Corben

Reiner Uulath



Adventuring groups are few & far between. Things in the Elsir Vale have been very peaceful since the end of the Red Hand of Doom about 40 years ago. There just hasn’t been a need, or call, for adventuring groups.

Due to the recent trend of banditry though, the call for ‘specialized’ groups seems to be back on the rise.

Led by Edgar Sommerfield, the FarStriders are far & above the most successful adventuring party in these lands. The FarStriders are just getting started too, having only adventured together the past year.

Their biggest exploits to date been slaying a young black dragon, ousted a nest of kobolds, and even undertaken an expedition into the Shadowfell.

Aside from Sommerfield, the group includes twin elf rangers, Uulath & Reiner, a half elf warlock named Jen-elee, and Corben, a human fighter

SESSION 01 - Briefly met Edgar Sommerfield at the Diamond League Bridge in Brindol, after the hobgoblin raid. Only brief hello’s were exchanged.

SESSION 09 - Met the FarStriders enroute back to Brindol from success at Rivenroar. Apparently, the FarStriders were part of a fail-safe (or emergency) back-up plan, in case the PC’s failed. More brief exchanges, and the two groups parted ways, wishing each other good luck in their travels.

SESSION 10- The FarStriders were amongst several adventuring groups who shared in the success at Rivenroar, although the PC’s group received the most adulation. Edgar & his FarStriders met up with the group sometime later at the Pandashi Inn, and they raised drinks and said a cheer in their success.

SESSION 11- The FarStriders were invited to the High Hall to meet with the Council of Elders. ‘The Green Dawn’ (the new name of the PC heroes) were giving very important information to the council about imminent war. The council, upon reviewing the information, had some important jobs for the various groups to do, if they wished. It seems Edgar has some sort of deal with Elder Cadrick, and thus was given the job of heading to the Vents. Rumor suggests that due to their success, they usually are given the harder jobs. Only time will tell…

SESSION 15- After rescuing Danen Greef, a paladin/monk of Moradin, the hero’s headed to the Vents. Apparently, Danen Greef had met up with the FarStriders on their way to the Vents and was quickly brought up to speed about the coming war with the orks. The FarStriders were tasked with heading to the Vents to make sure no orks had found their way through. Danen explained that he was to assist in helping to activate the Nexus, a place which would flood all the remaining ancient dwarven tunnels with boiling water and then keep it flooded forever. Earlier, Danen collapsed the tunnels under the Monastery, which was an oath he made w/ Edgar Sommerfield & the FarStriders. Edgar made Danen promise that if they ran into orks, no matter how many, that he was to make haste back to the Monastery to collapse the tunnels. He did as promised, just before being set upon by an advance ork party. With help from our hero’s, Danen lived another day. The Green Dawn found the mounts of the FarStriders and their tracks heading into the Vents. After a few encounters with orks & a dwarven sentinel trap, their first evidence of the FarStriders was found. An Orog was triumphantly holding up a head. An half-elven head. The head of Jen-Elee, the FarStriders warlock. This wasn’t looking promising at all.

The FarStriders (deceased)

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