Mikal Rensfield - Owner of Stonehome Treasures in Overlook


Mikal Rensfield runs StoneHome Treasures, an unassuming shop specializing in selling goods produced in and around Overlook.

Rensfield, an enterprising human merchant, solicits finished materials from artisans in the city and from the outlying villages and turns them around for a profit in the Forgeworks. His merchandise is an ecletic mix of mundane equipment, weapons, armor, and a smattering of magic items he has picked up for a steal from local explorers.

Treasures, as it’s often called, does a brisk business in the city, and adventurers of discerning taste shop here exclusively.

SESSION 11 : Gil, the groups warlord, was off on his own, when he found the ‘Treasures’. He was looking for a black dyed suit of leather armor for Yamis as well as asking local shopkeepers if they’ve seen the makers mark from the recovered weapons in Rivenroar & the Orks. While there, Mikal was being pressed for ‘payment’. It seems a local gang called the ‘Lost Ones’ were asking for protection money. Mikal was refusing to pay, which didn’t sit well with the hired muscle & collectors. The two noticed Gil staring at them, and told him bluntly to mind his own. A fight almost ensued. The two left, and promised more trouble for Mikal, and that the goliath would pay for his interference as well.


Mikal Rensfield - Owner of Stonehome Treasures in Overlook

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