Reniss Mellic -Ranger & sister to the fallen Jen of the Farstriders

Half-Elf Ranger, sister to Jen'eree of the FarStriders


Reniss Mellic Reniss is a very attractive half-elf, many of which who saw her growing up, would say she acts more human with each passing year. Many males have fallen for her charms, her fey physical attributes showing up when she so desires. She keeps her hair long, which covers up her pointed ears. She dresses in leathers, which helps accentuate her lithe fit body. She has a few tattoos, the most highly visible one on her left forearm & wrist.

Reniss isn’t shy about getting what she wants. She can be wild, very impulsive, much more-so than her sister, Jen’eree. You’ll often find yourself trying to catch her, usually to stop her from getting into more trouble. Reniss has trained herself to be hunter & tracker and has considered adventuring full-time. For now, she is content with traveling the Elsir Vale, heading from town to town, helping out where she can. She leaves behind a long list on contacts, acquaintances, and friends, who she can call on for favors anytime.

There is much more to discover about Reniss, which will hopefully come in good time.

Reniss is currently looking for her sister Jen’eree. Jen sent her a message through their sending stones. The message contained just one word ‘Modra’. Reniss is now in Overlook and has been tracking down where her sister & the FarStriders are. After sometime, she met w/ a ‘Lost One’ who was giving her some information, the best she got so far, but before she knew it, this fellow’s friends came in. Wondering what was going on, they began questioning Reniss & Shooster. They didn’t like that he was talking to Reniss. Getting frustrated, Reniss preemptively started throwing haymakers. Taking a couple of them down, Reniss found herself against the odds. Lucky for her, guards were nearby, who broke up the barroom fight. Reniss shortly after found herself locked up in jail.

SESSION 19 - The Green Dawn was told by Danen that they had a female locked up at one of the barracks in the Blister district. She kept asking for her sister, Jen’eree & the FarStriders. Danen thought it best to let the group handle it. Although friends of the FarStriders, Danen wanted the group to be the one to talk to her. The guards let her go stating that they kept her ‘more for her own protection’ and explained she may have gained the ire (& eye) of the Lost Ones. Reniss gave the Green Dawn what information she had, which led the hero’s to a whitewashed 1-story building called the Happy Beggar. Run by retired ex-adventurer’s, both paladins!

SESSION 20 - Continuing with The Green Dawn in the caverns under the Happy Beggar, Reniss helped fight against shadow creatures (Shadar-Kai, Shadow Hounds, & Dark Creepers). Shortly after they discovered they were in an old ancient Shadar-Kai shrine. Two chambers in fact, seperated by ornate doors. There are transfer portals here and it seems there is an operation taking place using these. One of the portals leads to the Shadowfell. More intriguing indeed. Reniss offered to alert the city guard that warehouses in this district (perhaps more) are being used by this Modra, and that these warehouses may contain weapons, armor, etc… Despite wanting to wreak revenge on Modra, only 6 can go through the portal. She beckoned the group to go on, while she alerts the Elder Council. McShane told her flat out he didn’t trust her and that she would not be left behind. This kind of talk was very upsetting for Reniss to hear. In return, in as kind words as he, she told him firmly to ‘shut his trap’.

SESSION 23 & 24- Left w/ Cobok & Leena to help with the sabotage of the magicks atop the mountain. Being that this was Leena’s plan, someone they just met and had obvious ties to Sarshan, Reniss really wanted to keep an eye on Leena. The end result was that Leena did turn on them both, delivering a knockout blow to Cobok and restraining Reniss.

SESSION 24a- The party negotiated w/ Sarshan and soon after Cobok & Reniss were released back into the groups midst. Reniss was left to decide whether she’ll stay in Overlook or continue w/ the Green Dawn on the employment w/ Sarshan…

SESSION 25- Reniss accompanied The Green Dawn back to Overlook, using Sarshan’s transfer portal in the black/white shrine. She told the group she’ll be staying behind and wished them luck in their endeavors against Sarshan. She re-attuned her sending stones, so she can communicate w/ Cobok & The Green Dawn. More than a friendly hug to Cobok?

SESSION 27a- Using the stones, Cobok & Reniss met up at Beldens’ Rest in Tradetown. Celebrating their success and good deeds, they both shared in food & drink.

  • Did you guys bail me out? (the hero’s answered no) Oh, ok. I guess time served then.
  • to Sheldon “Listen. I’m not here to just sit around. This Modra guy obviously had something to do with my sister’s death. I gave you guys good information. I think it’s time to act on it. Can we go?” This seemed to sit well with the new member of the Green Dawn, the barbarian Cobok Bloodstream as well as Gil.
  • What are you gonna do? Kidnap me? I won’t be forced to go, so I do hope you’re kidding about that.” said in response to McShane saying he didn’t trust her and that she CAN’T be left behind.

Reniss Mellic -Ranger & sister to the fallen Jen of the Farstriders

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