Prashant & Ausma Belicant

Owners of the Happy Beggar in Overlook


This old married couple are ex-adventures and Paladins of Pelor. They operate the Happy Beggar, a 1-story white washed building which caters to the poor & old in the Tradetown district, bordering near the Blister.

They serve soup, porridge, and tea to the patrons and Prashant leads daily prayers & sing-songs of Pelor.

The Happy Beggar sits sandwiched between two warehouse in the more run-down & derelict part of Tradetown. They have rented this building for years and run this from their own coffers, never asking for money from those who share in the prayers, chants, and songs of Pelor. A soup kitchen for sure.

Nestled below the Happy Beggar, unknown to the Belicant’s, is a hidden cavern system which the Green Dawn has discovered while in their pursuit of a shadar-kai named Modra.

Prashant & Ausma Belicant

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