MODRA - Shadar-Kai Arms Dealer (deceased)

Shadar-Kai arms dealer


Modra is a shadar-kai.

His whereabouts are unknown.

Known facts :

  • aka The Emissary
  • Hired a death squad to find a missing key, which got The Green Dawn attacked and a couple adventuring groups killed
  • Using transfer portals hidden underneath the Happy Beggar for his weapon dealing
  • Using warehouses in the Blister district (perhaps other districts too) to store the weapons & armor through use of a transfer portal
  • Has a superior. Interogation of a dark creeper lackey revealed that he is on the ‘outs’ with someone whose name begins with an ‘S’ (Sarssy or Sarsha)
  • Description of Modra was given by the dark creeper
  • Escaped through the Shadowfell portal (session 21)

SESSION 23 - After discovering the whereabouts of Modra, the Green Dawn planned an assault on the Foundry in Umbraforge. The assault went mostly as planned, but an unexpected mutant death boar, released by Modra, turned the situation quite dire. Modra & Sheldon went mano-a-mano. Sheldon didn’t fare so well and was almost killed. Soon after, Modra tried to make a deal to leave, but the Green Dawn saw through his ruse, and finished him off.


MODRA - Shadar-Kai Arms Dealer (deceased)

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