Waron Shelp - Wizard w/ the now defunct Company of Wolves

Waron is 6-foot-tall, extremely emaciated, ribs and other bones clearly visible just under the skin. Fresh bruises, cuts and sores cover his body. Evidence of the torture and beatings he has endured. His once thick long dark brown hair is a tattered m


Normally he has a distinguished, imposing manner about himself. He could often be seen smoking a pipe. He is intelligent, sly, manipulative and ruthless but holds to a code of conduct which repays all debts and protects those disadvantaged through no fault of their own. He was often the voice of reason in the Company but often had to be pulled back from going to far. A child prodigy he took to the arcane arts at an early age and excelled from the beginning.

With the Company of Wolves he was one of the earliest members. During the Company’s destruction, at the hands of a Lost One’s death squad, he was taken captive and sold to Sarshan in the Shadowfell and thrown in to the slave pens. He has since become a shadow of his former self.

Waron and Cobok consider each other family. Waron along with the other members of the Company of Wolves saved Cobok’s life from a group of Worgs and since they have developed a close friendship. They consider each other brothers.

SESSION 24a- After negotiating a deal for employment to join Sarshan’s organization, Cobok asked for the release of two slaves. One of those slaves was Waron Shelp. The other was a very young female elf.

SESSION 27 - The Green Dawn escorts Waron & the elf girl, Ashara, back home to Overlook. The Green Dawn offers Waron room & board with them and to rest assured that they will help him get back on his feet and earning some wages. Waron is forever thankful.

Waron Shelp - Wizard w/ the now defunct Company of Wolves

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