Sarshan - Mercenary Boss in Umbraforge [deceased]


Sarshan is a shadai-kai, an outcast who made a name for himself as the leader of a legendary mercenary band known as The Black Arrow. At their height, they put so much fear generals & kings alike that Sarshan would take payment to fight one group, then take a bigger payment from their foe to stand down.

No one knows what became of the members of The Black Arrow, but rumor suggests that Sarshan took care of them one-by-one, allowing him to gain power & riches and eventually setup up operations in the Shadowfell. Only Leena, a shadar-kai war witch, remains from that group.

Finding a shadowrift with elemental chaos, Sarshan set up operations nearby in a place he soon named Umbraforge. He became a great trader & came into even greater wealth. The tower, foundry, and forges are all his. The camps are those of mercenaries & slaves whom he sells across the Shadowfell & the prime.

Using the magicks of the shadowrift & the elemental chaos, Sarshan was able to re-direct the flow of that power into the Foundry where his mage’s are able to create great beasts of battle, born killers with magic in their blood.

It used to be that Sarshan brokered mercenaries within the Shadowfell, “but that’s changing (according to Leena). Dark ones & shadar-kai are still his elite troops, but more and more, he brings creatures from the world to Umbraforge for training, then marches them off to places unknown. He is using the Foundry to create perverse beasts of magic powered by the elemental choas rift.”.

Sarshan’s operations have tripled in the last few months, in what seems to be a massive call for troops & beasts to clients unknown.

SESSION 24- After breaking into his tower, Sarshan comes to an agreement with The Green Dawn, and offers employment and a spot in his organization. He tells the group they are more greatly in his debt, and thus, must perform two jobs for him ‘to balance it out’. The group agrees. After which, the group is free to go or if they wish, can continue working for Sarshan. Another dubious arrangement?

SESSION 25- Sarshan gives The Green Dawn their 1st job. They are to retrieve a coffer from one his warehouses in Overlook. He also gives them a list of warehouses which he stored some of his weapons & armor. “They are going to be found anyway, so why not have you look good to the Overlook authorities.”. The Green Dawn gave the list over the authorities in Overlook, but not before securing the lock box. Returning to the Shadowfell, they returned the lock box to Sarshan. He was most pleased. Their 2nd job is to travel south, through the Swamp of Indomitable Stench, to a shadar-kai village and bring back a cart of goods, which he needs to be delivered to a client. The Green Dawn made some preparations and headed off into the swamp…

SESSION 27 - The Green Dawn brought back the goods, completing their 2nd job within the time constraints. Sarshan seemed very pleased. As promised, he paid the heroes with 2 sets of magical armor as well as extending future employment. He wants the group to find the Seed of Winter. Our heroes said they needed a day or two to rest back in their own world. The heroes were also granted ownership of 2 slaves; Waron & Ashara.

SESSION 72 - Just as the group followed the hole in the bottom of Falrinth’s tower, they heard Sarshan’s voice. A ritual casting was also taking place, but in a female voice of the same accent. Sheldon sneaked a peek and sure enough, a few shadar-kai and over half-a-dozen troglodytes. At a portal circle, there stood Sarshan. He was giving his troops orders; ‘if anyone shows up, stop them.’. Just when Sheldon thought he wasn’t seen, Sarshan detected him. “They are here! Kill them all. Do NOT let them through the portal.”. With that, Sarshan stepped through and was gone. In the brief moments before he went through the portal, Sheldon spied a large tree in a murky swamp. Laying just beyond the portal was the unconscious Cobok!

SESSION 75 - Sarshan was spotted leaving through a fine magical mist as he was pursued through the fetid tunnels under the Ever-Tree. Before they can pursue, they’ll have to deal with more of his lackeys and then re-work the portal’s magic. It was verified that Cobok was still with him. When the combat was over, Sheldon stated that something seemed different with Sarshan. He described seeing veins of red along his arms and on his face. It’s not bad enough that he has made abominations with the blood chaos, but now he is experimenting on himself. Desperate times!

SESSION 80 - Having pursued Sarshan to his island and tower on the Sea of Fire in the Elemental Chaos, they finally were able to face him one-on-one. They dispatached all his minions & lackeys along the wall and a rooftop battle became the final resting place for the shadar-kai arms dealer. Damakos’s weapon, Fell Reckoning, reached it’s destiny with the killing of Sarshan. It left behind a new weapon, as well as transferring some of it’s power to the swordmage.

Sarshan - Mercenary Boss in Umbraforge [deceased]

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