Alys Holt / Serving girl, messenger, & Sheldon's cousin

Serving Girl at 'The Antler & Thistle', amongst many other jobs. She is also the cousin of Sheldon Holt, the party's Rogue.


Alys Holt is the youngest of 3 siblings. She has an older brother (Hammul) & an older sister (Alanee). Her father, Hollis Holt, has a brother, Hoyt, who is a member of the Brindol Council. The family has descended from wealth & nobility over the last couple centuries atleast. The Hoyt estate (a villa mostly) is across the street from the Hall of Great Valor. Some say the family has family ties to another plane of existence.

Alys, now in her mid-teens (15), is showing off her rebellious side, and has taken odd jobs over the past year, most recently a serving girl at the Antler & Thistle. All this against her father’s wishes to stay home and be safe. She is also a messenger in Brindol, but would like to branch out & see the world more.

Being almost 16 now, her father is serious about NOT letting her date any boys. The keen eyes of her uncle, Sheldon, has seen Damakos chatting her up most recently…

SESSION 10 - Damakos went looking for Alys, but was told by Haynk the bartender that she was off work this week. She is apparently east of Brindol, delivering a message to a merchant.

SESSION 18 - Alys Holt carried a few messages for the group. One for Damakos from Jalissa & the other was a letter from those the heroes rescued back in Brindol, thanking them once more and wishing them all the luck in the world. Alys climbed into Sheldon’s suite at the House of Sleep and actually snuck up on him. She is learning well from her older couz (whom she admires more than he knows).

SESSION 55 - Alys found the heroes at their suite in the House of Sleep. She was happy to see her uncle, giving him a big, family hug. She told Sheldon that the family had headed back to the estate at Brindol. With Overlook preparing for war, the family didn’t want to be stuck in the city. They questioned Alys as to what exactly was going on, but she really didn’t know much, except that the city was preparing for an invasion or war, and have been shoring up defenses along the walls, and openly recruiting for new soldiers. She said some believed the Orks have found a new way through, but she didn’t believe those rumors, as her sources said the Bordrin’s Watch is inpenetrable and confidence is high. Did the raiding gnolls reach this far west to cause this much anxiety? Alys suggested going to the Salty Mug, a tavern of ill-repute, but where rumors can become true-facts, as the place has been known to ‘have the pulse of the city’. Gil and the others wanted to find Danen Greef anyways, and this is the place he frequents, so they agreed.

Alys Holt / Serving girl, messenger, & Sheldon's cousin

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