Amyria - Deva Warlord

Released from a platinum longsword to help The Green Dawn close Fangren's portal to Yeenoghu - Leader of the Protectors of the Prime


SESSION 54 & 55 - Spent time with the group, while traveling with them to Overlook. Having finally reached Overlook, she bid her farewell and thanks, and headed off to the Nine Bells District and the temple of Ioun.

SESSION 87 & 88 - The group was surprised to see that Amyria was in Sayre. She was putting together a meeting of world leaders, and it was being dubbed ‘The Coalition’ until a proper name was placed. Amyria introduced the heroes to various world leaders, all of which were here in Sayre. Discussion about Telicanthus was brought up and it was agreed that he would be investigated to make sure he was not an agent for the githyanki. Odos was the last to agree ofcourse.

SESSION 97 & 99 - Amyria and some guards showed up after the group bested Telicanthus, Pennel, and his lackeys. She was shown the Bitter Glass in it’s destroyed state and merely agreed that it was for the best. She invited the group to come with her for another meeting with the world leaders. The group championed the name ‘Protectors of the Prime’ and that name won the vote. Lord Divian Torrance was named the leader of the PotP by a 4-2-1 vote, with Danen Greef holding out his vote as he wanted Amyria to be the leader. She is not a member of ‘PoP’ and therefore could not be leader. She is shortly after named the ‘Ambassador’. Danen Greef is named the general of world forces.

SESSION 100 thru ? - Amyria has accompanied the heroes to Nefelus to help the island nation rid itself of the ice blockade and destroy the malign entity causing the problem. In return, Nefelus has agreed to join with Protectors of the Prime.

SESSION 117 - Rejoined the Green Dawn in the Fane of the Chanhiir. She accompanied Bejam and his apprentices. When it was decided that the heroes would search for the Well Of Worlds, Amyria stayed behind with Bejam and the FreeRiders while reporting back to PoP in Sayre asking for reinforcements.

Here is Amyria when in battle gear :


Amyria - Deva Warlord

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