Branko Ironfell

Ironfell ex-clan leader & ex-Elsir Consortium representative - Opportunist & Survivalist


Branko Ironfell

Branko Ironfell is the leader of the Ironfell dwarves, one of the largest and most powerful dwarven clans in Overlook.

He is also their representative with the Elsir Consortium. He has been the clan leader for some time now and has by reputation, is fair, but ruthless, especially when it comes to monetary gain. The fortunes for the clan are of utmost importance to him as well as the protection of Overlook. Some say both are equally split, but those of other clans might very well say different, especially the Hammerfists and Copperheads.

These 3 clans have strived for majority control in all aspects of the government. Thankfully, there has been very little bloodshed, although there has been covert actions taken by the clans, but it is usually brushed aside, with little to no political fallout.

Thus the power of the dwarves remain supreme in Overlook…

Branko Ironfell is currently looking at finding an old dwarven stronghold which keeps the secret to the Mines of the Karak Lode, named after the legendary Karak Ironfell. The mines would be an amazing find, and it’s resources would certainly guarantee the Ironfell’s more power, wealth, and control beyond imagination. By using the mines wealth to shore up the defenses of Overlook, the Ironfell Clan will assure themselves legendary status in the city and the history pages!

SESSION 28 -Tells the heroes about the Mines of the Karak Lode and it’s history. He supplies to them a map, although ancient, still has enough clues that he believes the stronghold & mines can be found. He hires The Green Dawn to find the lost supply depot, stronghold, and the mines. He pays them a 1000gp retainer as well as a 1% cut of the profits taken from the mine. Quite a deal!

SESSIONS 110-115 - While visiting the underFey and Cachlain, the Stone-Skinned King, our heroes ran into the dwarf who gave them that deal for the Karak Lode. The same dwarf who disappeared. The group almost killed him dead on the spot, but being in the royal court of King Cachlain, they reserved aggressive action. They accused Bramko of trying to screw them. He insisted nothing of the sort, but he did apologize to them for leaving the prime behind. Apparently he was a diplomat for the githyanki (however long that would last…). He explained that he thought his world was doomed, so he jumped over to what he thought was going to be the winning side. Now, he wants to jump back. Not so easy pal, was Damakos’ approximate comments. Bramko promised intel. By the way, all this was after a feast in which our heroes were poisoned. Either way, Bramko came up with some very good intel, which likely saved his worthless hide. He came up with some encrypted info about a githyanki shipyard called Garaithas Anvil. He also sourced what he called ‘soul gems’, fuel for the githyanki ship they had back home. This put him into immediate good graces with Sheldon. Unfortunately, these soul gems are very hard to come by, and he explained that the githyanki trap the souls of those they kill in them. Sheeesshh…gonna be hard keeping fuel in the tank…


Branko Ironfell

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