CHILLREAVER (deceased)

Chillreaver / Ice Goddess - A 2 headed white dragon & exarch of Tiamat


Chillreaver is an exarch of Tiamat. A 2-headed white dragon which acquired the Seed of Winter to help build Icehome, his lair. Icehome was a gigantic iceberg which floated in the tropical seas near the island nation of Nefelus. With the power of the Seed of Winter mixing with his demi-godlike powers granted by Tiamat, Chillreaver was able to have an ice ring form, blocking the nefelese nation from all ships. The magical wintry climate slowly crept towards the island and threatened it’s very existence.

The Green Dawn fought Chillreaver in the top most level of his Icehome and defeated him in his grand chamber. They also learned that Tiamat has five exarchs, one for each of her chromatic heads; White, Green, Black, Blue, & Red.

Her white-head exarch is now dead.


CHILLREAVER (deceased)

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