Damakos is a Tiefling Swordmage.

He found that he had a natural gift towards bladed combat, and his lineage lent itself toward a touch of the arcane… He found that while not a weakling he had a “knack” for outthinking an opponent, preferring to use trickery and guile to make them take a fatally flawed tactic where he could press the advantage. He also found that this “gift” wasn’t limited to swordplay. It worked equally well when dueling with the intellect and words. This is fortunate since he seems to also be “blessed” with the ability to find “opportunity” that most would call simply “trouble”. Using his intellect and natural if ill-gotten charm he can usually talk his way out of trouble but failing that can is utilize his swordplay talents to great effectiveness…

He’s proficient in a variety of musical instruments with an amazing singing voice. He often is mistaken for a minstrel or bard, and is likely to be the “life of the party” and any social event.


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