Danen Greef -Paladin of Moradin

Paladin of Moradin at The Monastery Of The Sundered Chain / Captain of the Forgeworks in Overlook / General of War for PoP


Danen Greef - Paladin of Moradin
Danen Greef is tall for a dwarf and very muscled. Like most dwarves, Danen keeps his beard in several long braids, not so much a unique look, except for the bushy part just under his lower lips. You’ll find him constantly checking himself in a mirror (he keeps one handy) and fidgets with the braids to make sure they are in order.

A deeply pious paladin, with very strong ties to his fellow monks at the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, you will find Danen in deep prayer several times a day. His beard is a very big deal, as it is for many dwarves of Moradin; more a religious statement than for it’s vanity, although Danen does spend a great deal more than most, making sure it’s very clean & styled.

Danen currently resides at the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, but on occasion, he has ventured out on adventure, usually with Edgar Sommerfield & his FarSriders. His voluntary duties at the monastery is training the monks in the ways of combat as well as mining in the Chamber of Works deep in the mountain beneath the monastery. Any excess time is spent in prayer & study.

Danen also has residence in Overlook, where you’ll find him for several months of every year, usually before/after any adventuring. His closest friend, Cantletop Eve, lives in Overlook. The two are mirror opposites. Where Danen might be withdrawn & gruff, Cantletop is extroverted & friendly. When together, there is a chemistry between the two which cannot be explained.

Danen keeps very little in material worth, believing more in charity. He gives mostly to the monastery, but also is known to help out various dwarven clans. Danen has no family clan, which makes him an enigma to most of the dwarven clan elders & members, but his charity is sincere, and he never expects any return favors. His reputation amongst various clans is of the utmost credibility.

Show Danen a gem, and he’ll seem ‘lost in space’. He is utterly fascinated by gems. He has talked about collecting them at some point, perhaps when he is older and more settled, as they are expensive and not easily found when adventuring. He’ll be the 1st one to offer to ‘hold’ the gems for safe keeping.

Since the massacre at the monastery by the orks, Danen seems to have a very haunted look about him. Not blaming himself for leaving the monastery, to aid the FarStriders at the Vents, he does seem to be deeply moved (and disturbed) by what took place there.

Under the Monastary of the Sundered Chain, in the Chamber of Works, his beard was slashed viciously from his face and used as a tool to interrogate Danen to re-open the ancient tunnel (which he blew up prior) or to tell Og where another tunnel could be found. The interrogation failed, miserably, and shortly after, Danen was rescued by ‘the Green Dawn’.

If Danen takes a liking to you, you will not find a more staunch ally to have by your side.

SESSION 14 - Was rescued from Og & his orcs. His beard was viciously cut from his face. He was left in just tattered clothing, barely alive, but during his rescue, he made his way for his weapon, half-buried in some rocks in the Chamber of Works, and helped out in the rescue, even delivering the killing blow against an orc shaman.

SESSION 15 - Danen accompanies the Green Dawn, helping them to lead the way through the Vents and into the ancient dwarven tunnels housing the Nexus, an area that can flood the remaining tunnels w/ boiling hot water. Danen is also hoping to help the Farstriders, his friends, who went into the Vents several days before…Upon finding their campsite, news for the Farstriders look grim.

SESSION 16-18 - Danen accompanied the Green Dawn to the spot where the FarStriders made camp. Led them through the Nexus and fought by their sides as the fought orks & other various creatures brought along by the orks, including a Cave Troll. Danen was instrumental in helping Sheldon succeed in activating the dwarven control panel which was needed to flood the Nexus.

SESSION 19 - Over a week later, with the festivities & jubilation of Bordrin’s Watch turning back the Ork Horde, Danen came to meet the Green Dawn one afternoon. He had a few things to say, first & foremost was that he was honored to have fought by their side. He also recognized the sacrifice in wounds, blood, & spirit that the Green Dawn suffered, and offered them a gift to help in their adventures to protect the Elsir Vale & beyond. He gave them a set of Burning Gauntlets.

SESSION 55 - Looking to find Danen, the group went to the Salty Mug with Alys, Sheldon’s niece. They found him with another dwarf, his friend, Cantletop Eve, both quite inebriated, and spinning solemn tales of boredom. He became quite excited when Yamis mentioned finding an Astral Diamond. He went on jabbering about just having started a collection of gems, and how he would really, really, like to see this astral diamond, but not before he went into a litany of complaints about his current job and just how bored he has become.

SESSION 56 - Spoke with the council on behalf of Danen, and then with Captain Aerun, and who is responsible for handling promotions of his lieutenants and lesser ranked military soldiers. When asked and pressed as to why Danen wasn’t promoted, Captain Aerun feigned ignorance. That didn’t fly. Eventually he broke down and agree to find the document and get it signed. With the document in hand, our heroes secured Danen’s promotion to District Captain. Aerun seemed very lackadaisical and showed a very uncaring attitude. Danen hs gained the rank of Forgeworks District Captain.


  • These orks, they murdered & slaughtered all my friends. By my word, I vow to kill every ork I come across. Not one will survive Moradin’s wrath. They will all perish!
  • This room will be flooded by orks. We’ll be overrun for sure. Be ready to push that button, Sheldon. Just be ready!” (Sheldon mistook what Danen meant, thinking he said push it right then & there, which would have left Kaz trapped close to the bottom)

Danen Greef -Paladin of Moradin

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