Falrinth the Sage

Sage of Talar



Falrinth is a sage who resides in the small town of Talar. He lives a tower that sits on a hill overlooking the whole town. Some call it the mottled tower.

Falrinth has been like an uncle to Megan Swiftblade, an adventurer with the group, the Freeriders. Her parents died many years ago, and Falrinth was very friendly with her father. After their deaths, he took it upon himself to raise and guide Megan.

Some say he has become a surly older man and others might say he has turned greedy. He does seem somewhat reclusive and most certainly untrusting of others.

SESSION 53 - Traveled with The Green Dawn from Brindol, back to Talar. He spoke briefly about some research he was doing into the seismic activity he has felt recently in Talar. He told the group that seems mostly isolated. This drove him to Brindol, so he can find more books about the subject, and that was when he was abducted by the Wicked Fang gnolls.

SESSION 72 - As our heroes fought off creatures from the strange lava-flow, and saved innocents from the collapsing Green Dragon Inn, they noticed Falrinth’s tower begin sinking into the ground. The elemental blood chaos was spewing forth from a gaping hole just under the tower. Falrinth and his apprentice were on the roof, which was now almost at ground level as it sunk, and our heroes jumped to the roof and were told by Falrinth that an explosion under the tower took place and that strange monsters invaded from below. He also explained that the lava-flow is actually something called ‘Blood Chaos’. It has been somehow redirected from the elemental chaos by Sarshan. Seems his studies & reserach into the seismic activities were not in time, but are certifiably part of a plan to destroy the Vale and isn’t just part of natural causes. Falrinth asked The Green Dawn to enter into the tower and fight off these creatures and find out where the flow is coming from, and if possible, shut it down!


Falrinth the Sage

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