Fangren - Demonic Gnoll Leader (deceased)

Demonic Gnoll Leader of the Wicked Fang


Fangren - Demonic Gnoll Leader of the Wicked Fang
A gnoll with ambitions to become an exarch of Yeenoghu. Touched and seeped in demon blood, Fangren’s ambitions grew exponentially, and he decided he did not need his so-called benefactor Sarshan anymore, especially if he’ll have the power of a demon lord in him.

Sarshan, a known weapons dealer and mercenary leader amongst other titles, began supplying the gnolls with Shadar-Kai weaponry, along with a few weapon masters to help teach the gnolls how to become deadly with their use. Their current mission, to sweep aside the goliath race with one large tidal wave of butchery. Almost total success. Some goliaths survived the raids and genocide, and came south out of their mountain homes, bringing information of these attacks to those who would listen. By the time anyone had time to take action, the gnolls seemed to have achieved great success, unfortunately for the Goliaths.

Fangren and his mercenaries went about the agreed-upon task with gusto, carving a swath of destruction across the borders of Elsir Vale. Using an ancient githzerai monastery known as Fortress Graystone for their base of operations, the gnolls began kidnapping innocent inhabitants of the Vale for their own sinister pleasures. Most of their raids focused on outlying settlements, allowing them to wreak havoc without drawing the attention of more powerful parties.

As the gnolls found more and more success in their raids on the Vale, their leader grew even hungrier for power. Soon, Fangren came to believe that their success was not due to shadar-kai weaponry but by the favor of the demon lord Yeenoghu. Fangren quickly started to see himself not as merely the leader of a band of gnolls, but as a chosen one of Yeenoghu, with a destiny to become one of the demon lord’s exarchs. While he sent his bands of mercenaries across the Vale, Fangren began gathering the components for the bloody ritual that would infuse him with the foul power of Yeenoghu. The gnoll shaman has completed the first phase of the ritual deep inside the githzerai fortress, opening an energy conduit to the Elemental Chaos in the hope of embracing the power of the Ruler of Ruin.

However, the creation of this conduit and the powerful magic of Fangren’s ritual have had an effect the gnoll shaman did not expect. Within the Hall of Great Valor in Brindol, magic long hidden within an ancient ceremonial sword has been awoken. A week past, the sword spoke, begging the aid of a group of heroes—and asking for the PCs by name.

SESSION 49- The Green Dawn defeated Fangren in his ritual chamber and closed the conduit to the Elemental Chaos. They also released the entity known as Amyria from the platinum longsword and she aided them in the defeat of the demonic gnoll leader.

Fangren - Demonic Gnoll Leader (deceased)

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