Gilgathorn aka Thorn

Elven Ranger from the now defunct Elsir Vale Faction


Gilgathorn aka 'Thorn'
Gilgathorn is an elf, bristling with weapons and now wearing an eye patch. An eye he lost in a fight with a death squad who attacked his group, the Elsir Vale Faction. He was the only surviving member, chasing off the last survivor, hired help as well as some of the Lost Ones. Gil has a mysterious air about him, despite his outgoing and fairly friendly attitude. AKA Thorn, is of average height for an elf. His hair is usually kept at medium length, usually because he spends his time away from civilization, especially due to adventuring. His ears are prominently displayed and something he is proud to make sure are seen.

There is not much to know about this elf, as of yet, but the ‘Faction’ were one of the most modest & humbled adventuring groups in the Vale. Most likely more powerful than the FarStriders were just before their demise in the Vents.

Now, unemployed, he has been keeping tabs on several of the adventuring groups who have yet to be attacked, assuming that they would. The FreeRiders & The Green Dawn are primary on his watch list.

His hunches proven right, he was able to single-handedly defeat a rooftop sniper as the Green Dawn fought in the alleyway below.

SESSION 19 - Thorn threw off the body of a slain crossbow sniper, and jumped down into the alleyway where he finally met The Green Dawn face-to-face. He already exchanged nods and some convo with Sheldon who was in hot pursuit of an escaping mage, while also on the roof. Disappointed that he didn’t latch on with The Green Dawn, as they chose this new Barbarian Cobok who also showed up during the fight over him, ‘Thorn’ said his farewells and that maybe they will all meet again, under different conditions ofcourse.

SESSION 44 - Gilgathorn watched The Green Dawn enter the dilapidated temple of Pelor in the Nine Bells District in Overlook, shortly before saying “I’d be careful if I were you. Those Lost Ones are in there.”. The Green Dawn already knew this by tracking them here and looking for Alys Holt who they took hostage. At some point during the fight, immediately after an assassin hunting party entered the fray, Thorn decided to help out The Green Dawn, seeing at how they were likely to end up over matched. This mysterious elf has now shown up twice, both during ambushes against our heroes. Thorn explained that while in their absence, his hunt for Lost Ones has continued. He followed this small group of Lost Ones here, and was planning on how to take them out, before The Green Dawn showed up, armed to the teeth.

SESSION 46 - Was seen in Brindol after the fight against another group of bounty hunters at the Great Hall of Valor. The group spoke briefly with Gilgathorn, who told the group he was headed east, out of the vale, towards the wider world and perhaps to visit the feywild, his old home. The group mentioned they were staying in town for a bit and also that they were going in a direction opposite than they actually were. Gilgathorn wished them good-luck and gods speed.

SESSION 50 - Gilgathorn showed up again, and in a surprising turn of events, talking only with Yamis at first, seemed to be talking in circles, well, as well as Yamis could discern. Gilgathorn was mostly talking about being at a crossroads in life and having to make tough decisions. He asked if Yamis could make a leadership decision. At this point, Yamis yelled to awaken everyone, who had gone to sleep as they were all pretty much spent. ‘Thorn, although upset with Yamis, still didn’t do anything outright hostile, but it was his demeanor which seemed to bother Yamis the most. With the group up, Damakos was actually glad to see ‘Thorn, and after some of the pleasantries and greetings were exchanged, asked if ’Thorn would like to earn some coin. 200gp to escort the villages and councilmen back to Brindol and safety. ’Thorn seemed very open to ’employment’, but he was requesting 2000 gold coins! He showed the group the bounty letter, signed by Sarshan, and explained this is why he is at a crossroads. A decision of fate & destiny. Not openly hostile, but threatening none-the-less, The Green Dawn said you’re not getting the coin and to basically bugger off or ‘throw down’. It was the last mistake of the elf’s life. A grueling battle, with The Green Dawn already worn down from the day’s fighting, somehow ended up victorious. The elf went from brimming with arrogance & confidence, to a mere shell of life, and in the end, knowing the group wouldn’t let him leave with just the original 200 gold coin offer, accepted death…

None seemed that upset about killing Gilgathorn, except Damakos, who was somehow touched by this elf, and maybe saw a chance of redemption….no one will ever know…

RIP Gilgathorn

Gilgathorn aka Thorn

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