Haynk / Bartender at Antler&Thistle

Owner/Bartender of the Antler & Thistle


Haynk is a quiet, but yet friendly man. Always clean shaven, keeping his hair very short. Stays clean, even while tending bar. Rumor suggests he changes clothes frequently. Only explanation how he is always looking so fresh.

A great listener, like most bartenders, but on more than one occasion has given good advice, but usually to those who ask for it.

The Antler & Thistle has been family run for decades now, and until recently, a banner from the war taken from the armyt of the Red Hand, flew above the bar proper. The recent attacks in brindol & in the Antler & Thistle, saw the banner go up in flames during the goblinoid attacks.

Haynk / Bartender at Antler&Thistle

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