Jalissa / Senior Seeker of Ioun in Sayre

Senior Seeker Of Ioun, Assistant Mitigator at the University Of Ioun in Sayre, Damakos' lover


Jalissa is an acolyte of Ioun and can usually be found studying at the College Of Ioun. She is looking to be ordained as an acolyte.

She was recently captured during the raid by the goblins on Brindol & currently needs rescuing.

SESSION 06 - Group was told by Andronsius where Jalissa was being held. After defeating her guardians, a goblin hexer & it’s crew, the party found the softly sobbing Jalissa chained to a corner in the Von Ardez-Kauthin crypt. She was excited at being found, and showed exuberant amounts of praise for Damakos. She seems to have taken a liking to her ‘rescuer’, despite it being a group rescue…

SESSION 09 - Damakos & a few of the group visited the College of Ioun and Jalissa. She helped the group gather books & do some research, looking for something McShane was curious about.

SESSION 19 - Jalissa transferred from the College of Ioun in Brindol to Overlook, working & studying for her final thesis before she gets ordained as a full cleric of the Ioun ranks. During this time, she met back up with the Green Dawn & ofcourse Damakos. They spent several nights alone, away from the group, and did alot more than just talking…

Jalissa - Junior Seeker of ioun
SESSION 27 - Damakos visited the Temple of Ioun w/ the Green Dawn to do some research on an item called the Seed of Winter. Jalissa helped during the research and told Damakos that the Monastery of the One Truth & the Seed of Winter was her final thesis. She is to be ordained tomorrow. She begged Damakos to let her help and come along during their search for this lost monastery…

SESSION 28 & 29 - Accompanies Damakos and the Green Dawn back to Brindol. The newly ranked Junior Seeker of Ioun has had a hard time keeping her excitement level in check, despite several warnings from the heroes to keep her cool and NOT say anything that could give clues as to what their looking for. During an ambush, Jalissa used her healing for the first for real, healing a couple of the heroes. Having found their way through the Thornwaste, and discovering the lost dwarven supply depot, now a self-sufficient village, Jalissa’s excitement is even higher…

SESSION 30 - After discovering the village of Dunesend, ran by mostly farmers and commonfolk, Jalissa enjoyed looking at all the old building, including the original remaining ancient dwarven tower, wall, & foundation of the caravansary. She accompanied the Green Dawn in their search of the village for any hints about the Dwarven stronghold or mines. The following morning, the village was set upon by a demonic gnoll & his minions. This gnoll was asking for tribute, which the village didn’t have. Jalissa helped during the ensuing battle, healing several of the heroes as well as helping Cobok escape from the maws of a Juvenile Behir.

SESSIONS 31-40 (approx) - Jalissa continued to accompany The Green Dawn into the Ironfell Fortress. Her powers and touch of healing was most beneficial. She was very excited at finding something so old and lost to prying eyes for so long. Upon defeating Queen Shephatiah, The Green Dawn explored the old ancient dwarven highway system. Jalissa was thrilled at this discovery as well. Soon after, the group finally found the final piece of the broken tablet which would lead to the Monastary of the One Truth. Jalissa was an immediate advocate to put the tablet together and finish the mission, despite most of the group wanting to return to Overlook and/or destroy the pieces altogether. Jalissa was aghast at this idea, and begged mightily with Damakos to find the Monastary and perhaps recover the Seed of Winter. Damakos wasn’t for it at first, but with Jalissa’s arguments, along with a couple members of The Green Dawn, an alliance was made with the Freeriders to team up and explore the lost Monastary. The Monastary of the One Truth was found. Having defeated it’s guardians, the groups linked back up, and fought off a group of intruders who used some sort of planar magic to get into the museum room. It didn’t matter, as all parties were disappointed. The Seed of Winter had already been taken by someone else! Although upset about not finding the artifact, Jalissa was too excited about the find of the monastary to worry too much. She found it! Her superiors at the College of Ioun back in Overlook are going to be so proud!

SESSIONS 55-56 - With Damakos back in Overlook, he immediately seeked out Jalissa, who was ofcourse at the Ioun College in the Tradetown district. Elated as usual to see her lover, the two spent much time together over the next week. Towards the end of the week, Jalissa asked Damakos if he & his friends could visit the Erathis shrine in the Nine Bells district and investigate why Haelyn is missing and what exactly is going on. She was concerned, because she hadn’t spoken with Haelyn in over a week, and when she went to visit the shrine, she met a human man named Grovald, who has apparently taken over her duties. Jalissa said this was very ‘unlike’ her aunt. “She would have atleast spoken to someone about going on a spiritual retreat.”.

Jalissa accompanied The Green Dawn during the diplomatic mission into the Feywild and the UnderFey where they were to meet with the Stone-Skinned King Cachlain.

Upon her return, she was requested to return to the church and to help catalog her most recent findings. She was also promoted in rank to Senior Seeker. She has also taken up a position as an assistant mitigator at the university.


  • Are you my rescuer? You aren’t them? No? Thank Ioun! Thank you!
  • Yamis wondering if Pelor would get thanks… “Oh yes. Thanks to Pelor! Thanks to all the gods!
  • Oh, Damakos. This would be such a thrill for me. This has been my studies for my final thesis. Please, take me with you. I know I can help and I won’t be any trouble. Really.
  • Dammy? We must find the Monastary. We must! There is no one better than all of you to protect the Seed of Winter. Besides, it is what we were tasked to do. This will be so big for my career. I beg of you, my dear Dammy.

Jalissa / Senior Seeker of Ioun in Sayre

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