Kartenix / Guard Captain in Brindol (deceased)

Guard Captain Kartenix of Brindol


Kartenix has recently been promoted to Guard Captain, and with the increase in pay, has been enjoying life a little better w/ his family, despite having added stress from the job.

Soldier blood runs through Kartenix, having been in the family for generations. His whole family has served or still is serving. He has lost some family in the war against the Red Hand, thus taking his job very seriously, despite their being peace for so long since.

He takes his son, 8-year Thurann w/ him to work for a couple hours several times a week, as well as frequent trips into the countryside w/ his wife & son.

He was recently captured during the raid by the goblins on Brindol & currently needs rescuing. He may have been the 1st captured, as he was last seen northeast of the city on a picnic w/ his wife & son.

SESSION 05 - After rescuing Sartanian, the group was told that Kartenex was paired with him, but removed some time after. During their stay together, Capt. Kartenex told Sartanian that he planned on overthrowing his captors during the move, and that he will get everyone out safely. Sartanian believes that Capt. Kartenex was killed, as he heard screams somewhat nearby, and that it was probably Capt. Kartenex.

SESSION 06 - After finishing killing off the Ettercaps, the heroes found a body in the webs. Although badly eaten, the body was identified as Captain Kartenix. Yamis led a quick prayer and used a ritual to help preserve the body until a proper burial, back in Brindol, can take place. The heroes are yet to find his son, Thurann, or his wife, Isadella. Trying to remain hopeful…

SESSION 07 - The heroes have found and rescued Thurann, Kartenex’s son.

SESSION 09 - The heroes have found and rescued Isadella, Kartenex’s wife. The heroes have returned Kartenex’s family and body to Brindol. Yammis and Damakos have requested a ressurection for Kartenex, the matter still being considered.

Kartenix / Guard Captain in Brindol (deceased)

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