Leena - Shadar-Kai War Witch

War Witch & Mistress to Sarshan


Leena - Shadar'Kai War Witch

SESSION 22 - Met Sheldon and then setup a meeting to have a talk with whole group in her tent in the merc camps. Both the heroes & her made a deal to help destroy Umbraforge & kill Modra, as well as allow the heroes to investigate the tower for any info on Sarshan. A dubious alliance so it seems.

SESSION 24 - With their plan in motion to destroy Umbraforge by disabling the magic at the top of the mountain, Leena made a surprise visit this session. With the party in the middle of parlay with Sarshan, Leena came in with some guards, dragging behind her an unconscious & manacled Cobok as well as a badly beaten & manacled Reniss. With charges & accusations flying, the negotiations finally settled down. Leena was asked to investigate & report back as to what happened atop the mountain. Foe? Still friend?

SESSION 115 - Out of the blue, Leena showed up at the hero’s mansion. Sheldon received her, since it was he that she asked for. She spoke of having left Umbraforge in the shadowfell, and since then has walked a thoughtful road. She kept tabs on The Green Dawn, their exploits, their whereabouts, themselves. Having recently heard that they lost their wizard and then Gil the warlord, she decided it was time to start on that epic journey. She wasn’t sure what it was to be, but she knew it was to be with The Green Dawn. They accepted her as a probationary member.


The picture above was her look when they met her. She now has a new look, which is this pic :

Leena - Shadar-Kai War Witch

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