The Birdman

Old Man who had a flock of canaries with him


The Old Birdman

Was found locked up in a jail cell in the Ironfell Fortress. Apparently rescued, the old man could only smile and nod at his rescuers. Following them around, and always smiling, the group wasn’t sure what was up with this exotic looking old man. He did not speak.

To make matters even more confusing and weird, a small flock of canaries always seemed to be around him. Sitting on his shoulders, head, arms, etc…Always whistling and chirping. Miners did keep certain birds with them, to help detect noxious gases and such, but yellow canaries?

SESSION 33- Was told to stay with the rescued villagers while The Green Dawn continued their exploration of Ironfell Fortress.

SESSION 34- The heroes were attacked while they were trying to get some rest in the guard bunk room. When the combat was finished, the old birdman had disappeared. Little yellow canary feathers were seen leading back to the courtyard as well as down the stairs towards the cells & crypts. Following his tracks further, it seems as if the old man may have sealed his own fate, as it was surmised he voluntarily exited the fortress right into the sandstorm! The group could not follow any further.

The Birdman

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