Yamis Hammerslag

Goliath Battle Cleric of Pelor


Although Yamis was raised with his people in the Giant Shields Mountains, he left at a very young age of 14 to become part of the clergy of Pelor. He is not the most pious of clerics, but his stout build and eagerness to serve out justice against the unkind, landed him amongst the ranks of battle clerics.

This is a very small, select group, which during peace time, is only a dozen strong. Yamis has trained with the others, and his adeptness to learning martial skills has proven that there is certainly something special about Yamis.

He met a fellow goliath, Gil Jh’Dek during many of the training exercises. When his superior Sunno-Cleric asked Yamis to seek out a natural leader, he thought of none other than Gil. Between the two of them, they were to put together a band of adventurers or mercenaries if you will. A group sanctioned by not only the Pelor ranks, but by the Brindol council as well.

Yamis Hammerslag

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