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Here is our new D&D 4th edition campaign stuff.

  1. We will be using the Scales of War campaign setting / plot line, modified by Scott’s Whim as needed.
  2. The WoTC Character Builder program is to be used to create and maintain the characters. If you have the full-version, great. Otherwise, you’ll need to let the GM or another player level your character after 3rd level.
  3. Players need to download this players guide which describes their starting location, circumstances, and provides valuable background information about the Scales of War setting itself.

Site Map:

  1. House Rules
  2. Resources And Links
  3. Campaign Story Information
  4. Character Backgrounds
    1. Damakos
    2. Sheldon Holt
    3. Gil Jh’Dek
    4. Brokenglass McShane
    5. Yamis Hammerslag
    6. Cobok
  5. Places
    1. Brindol
    2. Rivenroar Castle
    3. Talar
    4. Nimon Gap
    5. Terrelton
    6. Drellin’s Ferry
    7. The Witchwood
    8. Overlook
    9. Monastery Of The Sundered Chain
    10. The Happy Beggar
    11. Umbraforge
    12. Dunesend
    13. Ironfell Fortress
    14. Monastery of the One-Truth
    15. Fangren’s Base – Fortress Graystone
    16. Wicked Fang Witchcross Temple
    17. City of Sayre
    18. NEFELUS
  8. Treasure Earned
    1. Damakos Wishlist
    2. Sheldon Holt Wishlist
    3. Gil Jh’Dek Wishlist
    4. Brokenglass McShane Wishlist
    5. Yamis Hammerslag Wishlist
    6. Cobok Bloodstream Wishlist
  10. Campaign Artifacts
    1. Roarstrag
    2. Emissary’s letter to Sinruth
    3. Black Orchid
  11. Front Page Recap Logs – Lost Mines of Karak
  12. Front Page Recap Logs – Monastary of the One Truth
  13. Front Page Recap Logs – Den of the Destroyer
  14. Front Page Recap Logs – The Temple Between
  15. Front Page Recap Logs – Beyond the Mottled Tower
  16. Front Page Recap Logs – Haven of the Bitter Glass
  17. Front Page Recap Logs – Alliance At Nefulus
  18. Front Page Recap Logs – Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  19. Front Page Recap Logs – Garaitha’s Anvil

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