This is our Dnd 4e Scales of War campaign blog & information center. We are old skool gamers.

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Our name is derived from how long we’ve all been playing D&D & other RPG’s. Not gonna list any specific ages of course, but I’m sure many would agree it’s prolly been too long, well, as far as our wives, family, & friends would say. lol

Most of us have been playing since the early 80’s, going back to the original D&D boxed sets, then onto Advanced D&D, then 2nd edition, 3rd, you get the drift. Some of us have roots to the original Chainmail. We’ve played a ton of other RPG’s, such as Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Traveler, Star Trek, Star Wars, Twilight 2000, plus more. We always end up back with good ole’ D&D.

The Adventure Log tab is frequently updated, almost always after our Sunday session, with logs posted by most, if not all, of our players. Please feel free to comment on any of the log entries. The Wiki page is an archive & resource for most of the campaign info. The Characters tab has all NPCs which the character’s have interacted with, including, but not limited to, their bio, quotes, and session notes.
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The characters were generated via the WotC character builder, using an old skool 4d6 roll, keeping best 3, method. The stats were then placed where each player wanted them. Each player is keeps his character updated using WotC’s character builder.

This is a Scales of War campaign setting. An adventure path created by WotC, which will see the characters from 1st to 30th level. This will be an epic tale, where legends & heroes will be made. The campaign starts approximately 40 years after the Red Hand of Doom war. The heroes will face a variety of villains & monsters, most of which have nefarious plans for the Elsir Vale. Will they face a dragon? Two? Demons? Exarchs of evil gods? Alien races? Help protect cities from invasion? Keep the lands from becoming befouled with vile creatures? What will fate & destiny hold in store for The Green Dawn?

The cast of characters are as follows :

  • Cobok Bloodstream – 17th lvl Human Barbarian (Kensei) run by Matt M / Striker
  • Damakos – 17th lvl Tiefling Swordmage (Anarch of Shyr) run by Frank W / Defender
  • Sheldon Holt – 17th lvl Human Rogue (Shadow Assassin) run by Bill W / Striker
  • Leena Balyonka – 17th lvl Shadar-Kai War Witch (Entrancing Mystic) run as an NPC / Controller
  • Yamis Hammerslag – 17th lvl Goliath Cleric (Combat Veteran) run by Al M / Leader ON HIATUS (NPCd)
  • Gil Jh’Dek – 16th lvl Goliath Warlord (Stoneblessed) run by Mike M / Leader ON HIATUS
  • BrokenGlass McShane – 13th lvl Gnome Wizard (Shadow Shaper) ran by Matt D / Controller RETIRED

The Thraxxi diviners were correct. There was an elite squad of 6 githyanki lounging around a fountain. Leather sofas were randomly placed around this large circular area and crystal lit pillars were placed at even intervals through-out. Damakos was spotted and Sheldon too, except he was a killer assassin spider, which upset the gith nearby greatly. They blasted Sheldon off the ceiling with a psychic attack. “Aha” said the gith, “It is not dead. I knew it.”. Sheldon sprang into action, utilizing his skill at making several attacks against four of the gith in quick succession. He left a couple reeling, and one stunned. Leena fired off consecutive sleep spells, which were of good help. By this point, the others joined the action. The gith were smoked, without causing too much harm to the heroes. The last one alive was one sleeping soundly from Leena’s spell. He was executed without a word. The next room was connected to this area through two different opening on opposite ends, but somehow both entered the new room. Perplexing as it was, the room beyond was some sort of astral nexus with a bridge spanning the center leading to two double doors at either end. On the bridge were two eldritch giants chanting. Our heroes tried to move with surprise, but the giants heard the movement and another fight took place. This one went rather easy. Sheldon used his feystrike rapier to teleport one of the giants to his side of the platform. Once there, he stunned the giant and with Yamis & Leena’s help, the giant was done & over very quickly. Damakos & Cobok were fighting the other giant on the main bridge. Once the first giant fell, the 2nd one was overwhelmed by sheer force and brought down as well. After a quick, short breather, our heroes moved to the double doors at either end of the bridge. As they did this, astral energy ignited within the chamber, and weapons of Damakos & Yamis were effected. In a good way. New magical energies flowed within and in a moment new magical runes adorned the weapons. Very nice. The doors were magical and a simple willful command caused them to open. Within was another large circular room. There were four mirrors spaced evenly around the outer perimeter. These mirrors looked of quicksilver. Dominating the floor of the chamber was a strong looking black steel grate with a plinth in the middle. Beneath the gate, a set of ivory stairs could be seen. Those strong in the arcane took over. Damakos determined the mirrors were one-way gateways which could allow something to come forth. His guess was the mirrors were connected to the Far Realm. The plinth had keyholes upon it’s sides, but with no keys, there was no way to open this horizontal gate; portcullis. Sheldon started using what he knew of locks and started at finding weak points which may help to get this thing open. Damakos & Leena discussed a more arcane strategy. As they were doing all this, they did keep an eye on those quicksilver mirrors. Low & behold, something arrived through it! It looked like a walking lizard thing, with a massive gaping maw filled with sharp teeth. What the frack was this thing…?

_Currently finished through Session 117.

ON HIATUS – Currently recruiting for 2-3 add’l players (send msg)

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