Old Skool Gamers SoW Campaign


So Sheldon comes back to us creeped out about the rooms beyond. I say OK I’ll take a shot you guys back me up and shoot things I’ll try to stop them from getting by…

Gil lends me his ever-burning torch, I move up tossing it into the hallway and wait for nastiness to arrive. Light floods the area, as the walls glow a bright red color casting the place into a strange surreal ambiance. Almost immediately as that happens a block of steel with wirey arms and a maul appears at the end of the hallway just before the room… I charge the thing and lay a blow from Fel-Reconning into its ‘body’. Gil decides that the wait and shoot at the enemy plan was not going to be effective and he follows me down the hallway and leaps over my head – clearing the walking anvil, swatting the maul to the side and driving his greatsword downward clanging off the block taking another bite from it. As he was admiring his work a second steel anvil rushed across the room and belted him with its own maul, with a great upward swing catching him in the family jewels. I thought the Goliath was going to explode… his eye bulged, his teeth clacked shut and his knees buckled. But the mighty warlord was made of sterner stuff and shifted his position into a more defensive posture to protect against attacks from both sides. Yamis blasted through a door behind me, presumably to try and outflank these walking hammerblocks, and as usual Sheldon was nowhere to be seen apart from the occasional crossbow bolt appear out of the ether. In short they were tough but we overwhelmed them. I said a short prayer to Moradin apologizing for destroying his temple guardians at a small alter that had laid unused for some time at the far end of the room after the steel blocks had been destroyed. I then detected magic in the area and identified a source in a room we had not yet explored Sheldon, Gil and Yamis made their way there and looked it over – a Forge of opulence… unusual, but perhaps understandable from priests of Moradin. This area may have even been used to make magical items for the church. Laying at the feet of a Moradin statue on the far corner of the room was a magical rapier – the source I detected earlier. Sheldon carefully entered the room, and it exploded with light. Whips of power flew at him from all directions a few hitting him and burning him severely. He stumbled from the room back out into the hallway.

A moment later the ground at my feet exploded with light as well singing me… this was repeated at Gils location at the opposite doorway. Here we are duly appointed representatives working for the church of Moradin, and every defense in this place is trying to kill us… Sheldon recovered his wits and Yamis laid a Pelorian blessing on him. He then started studying the ground.

“Look… Here, Here and here… Runes of a type I don’t recognize”, I thought they were part of the decoration of this place but obviously not., pulling his newly tattered tunic and shaking the mess… Honestly I don’t think he even saw them before but I didn’t say anything and let him keep his bruised ego intact.

“The runes are over here too, McShane don’t move please. There are more right in front of you.”, at that point I noticed McShane at the end of a long alcove.
This trap is a tough one, I think I can disarm it but its likely to go off a few more times before I can clear a path… Its got to be disabled a little at a time and its bound to go off once or twice while I try…

“If all we care about is the rapier I can get it.”, McShane volunteered. “All I need to do is be in the clear space next to the door so I can see the rapier, I can then use my mage hand to get.”
“Don’t move over the squares… just going over the top will set off the trap.”, Sheldon offered. “Guess I won’t use my bird then huh McShane responded

“That leave you trapped over there Little Master… just hold on a moment and I’ll get you out.” I piped in. I then engaged my dual lightning strike power to teleport over to McShane. Then dropped the hex for friendly teleportation and teleported myself and McShane over to where Sheldon was, a clear line to the rapier. McShane did as he said and a small almost invisible hand materialized and wandered over to the rapier, lifting it form its resting place and bringing it back to McShane.
“Here you go”, McShane said handing the blade to Sheldon. The blade was a particularly nasty looking thing with razor sawteeth along its edges, and runes inscribed up and down the length. We al lthen made our way back to the entrance and discussed our next move.

“We could trick the Fey into following us into the trolls room to the north, that way we’d sort of have allies. We stay out of the way and let them fight it out, then come in later cleaning out what remains.”, Sheldon put forth
“Or we could check out the beating wings you heard. And see what is over there. One eyed giants don’t thrill me…” I put out there.

Gill put out, “I say we check out the wings… maybe another path will present itself”
“Its as good a plan as any, we have no idea where the caretaker is holed up in here. He could be anywhere so we have to check over there anyway…”, Yamis commented.

“OK let’s do it.”, I said and we were off.
Looking at Yamis I said, “Lets block the doorway and let them shoot whatever is inside.” He nodded in agreement and we opened the secret door. Inside we saw several quicklings and a harpy
Yamis and I made ready to fight and the guys behind took up advantageous firing positions… as soon as the doors opened they attacked – almost like they were waiting for us. The harpy attacked with her damn song pulling Yamis and myself toward her Yamis stepped onto some kind of trap that blasted him with knives out of the floor, I also stepped onto one and experience d a similar result… immediately I saw bolts and arrows fly out of the doorway and into the harpy. I stepped back off the trap and flung my lighting whip form fel-reconning around the harpy and pulled her onto the trap I was just on – two can play that game. The trap blasted her too and she was looking pretty haggard. A second harpy came from the side and pulled me again, into a third trap… this was getting old fast. The quicklings did their things running to and fro slashing with their knives at Yamis and my knees trying to hamstring us., while the harpy’s tried to suck us into the traps over and over. Luckily my ranged compadre’s were skillful and quickly ended the harpy’s allowing us to concentrate on the little bastards running all over. In short order they were taken care of and we were able to look around a bit. A large room full of alcoves and ramps and portcullis… inside the alcoves were all manner of items, coin, and hopefully magic items and caretakers… if I were hiding form an invasion of trolls and Fey – I might try the secret vault ;)

As I was getting to checking my wounds and looting, McShane approached me from behind – “umm I have good news and bad…”,he said “Well” I responded. “Well the good is, I know where the dwarves hid the big ole book we’re looking for…”, and the bad I asked… “Its not there anymore…”



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