Old Skool Gamers SoW Campaign

Loss ...

Session 50 Damakos's PoV

I sit alone with my thoughts amidst a host of peoples, after an extremely trying day. I just cannot help but reflect on the fate of Gilgathorn. Sitting there with most of Thor’s belongings folded neatly by my pack and wondering what drives a man to such dispair that he throws his convictions to the four winds and moves towards paths of darkness and desparation. Ending Thorn was NOT on the list of things to do today,…

Thorn was not a bad man. Yet in the end he behaved in a manner befitting a bad man, and practically begged for the conflict that ended him… demanding 2000 gp to take a walk… He was dangerous, no doubts there, but one man and a few constructs to take all of us on, foolish even though we were pretty spent form the days activities.

Could I be driven to that dark place? What would push me there? My Mother the Deva, my Father the Demon Prince – what inner forces could break me so? Could I recover? Could Thorn have recovered from his deamons given time and circumstance?

Gil took his head. A sign of honor to him no doubt but it seems wrong taking Thorns head. I will not speak of it to Gil though, he is following his custom. I think I’ll start a custom of my own though…

Damakos leaves the party and heads to the remains of Thorn and arranges them neatly with some semblance of honor. He then starts the funeral rites for the Elven gods that he knows and the ones common to this area, hoping to cover whatever patron Thorn worshiped.

I can not help but feel that this death was wrong… but he did choose it, though somehow I have the feeling he did not deserve it. Why I have this feeling I do not know. But I can not deny it exists.

I will mourn Thorn, and hope that this example will strengthen me against the terrible realities I am no doubt destined to face with the parentage I have… Yes I do Believe in redemption…



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