Old Skool Gamers SoW Campaign

Much Ado about Nothing...

Session 42 Damakos's PoV

The icy behemoth next to me was not so icy anymore. Clearly raging inside of him was a very fiery core and that core was rapidly melting him turning him into superheated steam. My original thought of Uh-Oh was dead on, this thing is obviously going to blow and Sheldon, Yamis, Jalissa, McShane and myself all near. Being rooted to the floor by the icy blast from the beholder I could not move. I did the only thing I could and powered my translocation cloak and regained my dual lightning strike and used it to teleport across the room as far as I could, and taking a swing at the one of the other behemoths. My efforts were in vain as the thing exploded in a blast that reached every nook and cranny that I could see. Normally I embrace the sweet lick of fire but this was beyond my experience, and with such viciousness that it actually burned me… rather severely. But the pain internalized and fueled me, the sequence that followed was a blur of master puppeteering, teleportations, holy oaths of death bringing, lightning whips to bring down the beholder, dimensional thundering wrath, and strategic withdraws that ended the beholder in rather short order. The final blow being me stepping aside to allow room for Co’Bok, who took a few quick steps forward and launched himself into the air, starting his axe swing straight forward, the swinging downward below his feet, behind, over his head and making a circular arc a full 360 degrees, and ending about 18 inches inside of the beholders massive skull. The beast of legend dropped to the ground in a thud, cracking the stone beneath.

On the other side of the room Sheldon Yamis Jalissa and Megan had cornered the last of the time bomb behemoths in the first alcove of the room. I moved toward them and anticipated the killing blow. Megan landed a hefty shot to it and I can tell it was about to expire. It feebly attacked, and activated my hex. I teleported to its side and felt the familiar guidance shifting my blow to the critical spot. My blade cleanly penetrated its icy exterior to its blazing core.

“Get away from it! Its going to explode… FAR away”, I yelled specifically to Meagan who was taking a very non-chalant path away then picked up her pace a bit.

I looked at Sheldon and winked at him, “You’re going to owe me…”

And slipped away and let fly my lightning lure to pull the behemoth from the alcove to try and save any treasures that might still be intact there for our resident “collector”.

The giant exploded with all the ferocity of his two predecessors and completely engulfed me. Again burning me severely but not fatally. At that point I sat upon the floor, took a deep breath , smoked.

Jallisa appeared at my side and checked me over for anything grave, and bestowed a few blessings upon me. Gil and the rest started looking for the Seed of winter only to find nothing. Eventually I regained my composure and started to taste the magical energies of the area again looking for the elusive primordial magicks that seed must surely exude to some degree. None was to be found past the magical alcoves. I proceeded to examine them in fine detail discerning their inner workings. I found a way to utilize their power to engage the device in the far room the translocate the entire monastery to the prime plane. The Little master joined me after a while and we crafted an appropriate ritual to perform the deed. After we rested a bit, and had a taste of food – I hadn’t eaten in how long.?. We set about performing the ritual. After a gut wrenching twisting of reality the monastery was located along side of a great lake in the bright sunshine in what certainly appeared to be “home”.

Co’Bok Gil and Yamis immediately went outside and took stock of our surroundings. While not entire sure exactly where we are they are pretty sure it’s a bit north of Overlook and the lake empties going south in that direction. So we packed up with the Free Riders and headed that way. After a few days travel we hit some small settlements along the river and found we were still in the Elisir vale and that we were in between Overlook and Brindol about equidistant – Overlook being a bit closer. We split company with the Free Riders and headed to Overlook to handle our business with the temple of Ioun and the Ironfell dwarf clan. Upon hitting the large city we split up to take care of that business with Myself and Jalissa heading to the temple while the rest went to visit the Ironfells.

The High priest of Ioun was ecstatic to see us. We handed over Jalissa Journal to him after making sure he knew to keep secret large portions of it, and told him that we had indeed found the monetary of the one truth if not the seed of winter. I then asked him for a personal favor and asked him to investigate a Deva named Amyria and anything known about her, any adventuring companions. As well as any known accounts of Devas having bourn or Fathered children. I further asked him to see if he can find this Amyria as I was unlikely to have any free time while taking care of massing gnolls in the North.



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