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Musings of the Divine...

Stroking his long braided beard thoughtfully, “Hmm, This one is acting erratically. I told you it was a mistake to entrust the spawn of our enemies with this.”, The formidable dwarven form moving away from the divining portal, and taking a seat in a large throne-like stone chair.

Pelore steps to the divining pool and gazes in, “It was important to allow him to come to power without the suspicions of our enemies. I think that he and the rest are progressing nicely. Your concern is valid but perhaps premature. He is having moral misgivings while simultaneously accepting our boons and acknowledging them. He is modifying his path to that of an avenging sword, without our having to push. I suspect that he feels the pull of his Mother more than his Father.”

“Allowing that depravity is one of my greatest regrets. We will make it up to her.”, Moradin responds while looking Pelore in the eye.

“She is one of our best Servants and took the task willingly.”, Pelore responded equally serious

“She didn’t know the full extent of her task or the pain involved.”, Moradin interjects rising from his stone chair and pacing back toward the divining pool. “This entire plan is fraught with risk and pain. It pains me to resort to dirty tricks and questionable methods to protect the Mortals.”

“The greater Good is served. And all participants are acting of their own will, even if they do not know the fullest extent of the plan, For that matter neither do we, as our enemies no doubt have agents of their own at work here, following a path less honorable than ours I have no doubt.”, Pelore explains

“Allowing the near destruction of the Goliaths was not part of the plan.”, Moradin retorts.

“As I said, our enemies are nothing if not unscrupulous. Stopping that would have required tipping our hand and exposing the Green Dawn to higher scrutiny before they are ready to absorb the aftereffects. It is regrettable but ultimately necessary. I also have a small plan to even the scales…”.

The divining pool settles upon a myriad of goliaths shifting rapidly from one to the next. Eventually on a pair, climbing a set of stair, fighting a pack of gnolls, with a party of mixed races.

“I wish you to be well equipped to avenge your race…”, Pelore states as gazing at the two goliaths. With a wave of his hand, “Be Fueled by Vengence, my goliath’s”

Suddenly the Warlord goliath leaps up a cliff and climbs to the top of a 50 foot sniper crenellations, grabs a gnoll and throws it down from the heights, the Cleric of Pelore raced with amazing speed and clubbed the gnoll with a massive blow to the head splitting it open… the Goliath up top Leapt to the ground swinging mightily a greatsword opening the gnoll from throat to groin in a great howl.

“It is good”, said Pelore, as Moradin nods approvingly…


Scott, – feel free to adjust as necessary. I tried to write it generically so it would not break any campaign points… I just used things that were “in game” and extrapolated a little bit…

Musings of the Divine...

Actually, Frank, I made a minor adjustment. I changed the ‘groin to throat’ phrase to ‘throat to groin’. Just having come down from a height Gil would still have some of that momentum and would be invoking the power of Mother Earth (gravity) to help with his swing.

Very nicely written!

Musings of the Divine...


Everyone should have gotten the custom power card “Fueled by Vengeance” for the 2 goliaths. It is very fitting w/ the storyline so far.

Credit to Xavier for the graphic work. My 1st custom power in about a decade! I feel proud ;)

I have these printed and will have them laminated for both of you, Mike & Al. You’ll turn them in as you use them, just like the AP’s & DP’s…

Musings of the Divine...

Mike- that defintely makes sense. Glad you liked the story

oldheadGM77 Bingo Huh… I guess you liked it then ;)

Musings of the Divine...

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