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Permission to Rob the Place. Yippee!

-- Sheldons POV Session 40 --

An interesting turn of events. We entered the devastated interior of the monastery. Yamis was hell bent for leather to lead the way, just walking off down dark hallways and opening doors. I spent a little time searching the entry chamber for any unbroken items. There were thousands of bits and pieces of mostly unidentifiable things on broken shelves. Nothing of interest though. However when I did look up to follow the others, I stopped next to an apparently overlooked door. “Archives” it said. “Oh Jalissa!” I called as I looked within. Knowledge, the perfect distraction of the Iounian priestess whilst I might locate things of interest. Hmmmm. Methinks I might acquire a few choice bits of knowledge to use as distractions at some future point. I’ll have to keep my eye out for such. Damakos and Brokenglass were in the main corridor whilst the rest were in some interior rooms.

As I arrived with most of the others, I saw why they’d stopped. Old bloodstains on the floor. I slipped ahead and looked around. Foulest murder had taken place in the dormitory at some point in the far past. One murderer, eight victims. These were felled in their sleep, those struggled up. One even began to run before being slain. That’s when I began hearing the whispers. Difficult to make out, but none sounded happy. I quietly warned the others and hid in the deep shadows. Still nothing but whispers, coming from everywhere and nowhere. Mutterings about knowledge, despoilers, and thieves.

After a few moments of nothing happening, I moved to a slightly open door from which magical light streamed. It was provided by small glass globes on the walls. I’d seen some in the other room, but all were dark. The chamber beyond looks to have been a small dining hall. Nobody and nothing there. I snuck in. Then all hell broke loose. The ghosts didn’t detect me, it was just a coincidence of timing. They streamed past me through the walls and floors to attack my friends. I head a commotion through a door that must have connected to the main corridor.

The voices were screaming about thieves and defilers now. Claiming they are guardians of the sacred knowledge and we shall be destroyed. I fought bravely, though my weapons did far less damage to these incorporeal beings than they ought. Several times, I was struck with damaging claws that bound me briefly in place, flinging me across the chamber into the walls. Cries from the main corridor were most disconcerting. Brokenglass was declaring that Damakos was being consumed! I desperately tried to help, but didn’t see him anywhere. Brokenglass claimed Damakos was literally inside a reddish creature with huge claws. I tried my best to destroy the creature, but it was difficult to avoid hitting what I thought must be Damakos within it. Then Damakos appeared behind it, looking has though his very soul had been ripped from the bloody wounds covering his body. Yamis threw the healing light of Pelor upon him as Damakos backpeddled from the creature adroitly and engaged a ghost further down the hallway.

Then we saw what had happened to Damakos as Co’Bok was grasped with the long talons. They pierced his body as though it weren’t there, and an image of Co’Bok stretched out to the beings chest. His body flickered in with a small thwump sound and it was Co’Boks face in torment within the creature! All the while, the voices were calling us intruders, thieves, and defilers.

Jalissa and Yamis began to argue amongst their combat maneuvers and the spouting of prayers to their gods. When the red creature responded with what seemed to be doubt creeping into its fell voice, I joined in as well. “We were sent by the most holy of Ioun from his earthly seat of power to find and recover this monastery. We are not intruders and if you are guardians, you are performing counter to your duty by attacking us.”

More words and argumensts from Jalissa and Yamis and the creature released Co’Bok and ordered his minion spirits to rest. He admonished us. “We will be watching you. Perform your duties and tasks as you have described and all will be well. Destroy, or defile and we shalt return in merciless numbers to slay thee.” Wonderful. I bet he’d consider the discrete removal of certain interesting items I might happen across as defilement. Worth the risk if its a choice enough item.

All I can say is that those old-time monks should have a serious bit of explaining to do when they get before their lord. Seriously. Setting the front door guardians to attack before anybody can so much as apologize for trespassing and take a step toward the door, and following them out once they have. Then on top of that, employing soul rending, life sucking undead as further guardians. What’s next? Some demons watching over the inner sanctum?


A very well read log, and better late than never.

Superb picture of the Spirit Devourer.


I was very busy ummmm working.

As for the devourer, yeah I thought it turned out pretty good too. Not perfect, but pretty good.


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