The Freeriders - Elsir Vale adventuring group


The Freeriders

The Freeriders are an adventuring group in the Elsir Vale, and adventure not merely for coin, but for the reward and satisfaction of helping those in need.

Megan Swiftblade (human fighter) – She is the leader of the Freeriders. Megan is sword thin with an attractive figure, keeps her blond hair cut short, and has a vicious scar that runs from her forehead and down her left cheek.

Ragnum Dourstone (dwarf priest) - The heart of the Freeriders is Ragnum Dourstone, a graying dwarf priest of Moradin. Gruff and serious, he believes in doing his duty with honor and is an implacable foe when crossed.

Sylen Leafrunner (elf ranger) - Sylen is whip thin, with long brown hair and angular features that give him the look of a fox. Although he feels strongly for Megan, he is sometimes secretly ashamed, feeling as though he has betrayed his people and his culture by his dalliance in human realms. He is intensely protective of Megan.

Ghena Tenson (human wizard) - An arcanist of some talent, Ghena is short, pudgy, with a round face and small eyes, she has shoulder-length blond hair, a face full of freckles, and long, slender fingers

Madrick (gnome rogue) - Madrick is short, with pale skin, and large black eyes. He wears brown and gray clothing to help him sneak about. His best friend in the world is Bandit and the raccoon is never far from his side. He rarely, if ever speaks.

SESSIONS 37-40 (approx) - The FreeRiders paired up with The Green Dawn after an agreement was made to enter the Monastary of the One Truth. The FreeRiders had the final piece of the tablet. Once put together, The Green Dawn found themselves alone and outside the monastary. Having fought their way through several guardians, they made it to the museum room. As they began to look around, a planar rift or portal opened and intruders came in. An epic battle was waged, with the enemy led by a wizard of ice who had a beholder at his disposal. During the combat, The FreeRiders joined the battle, entering through a door on the opposite end of the big hall. After defeating the intruders and closing the portal, they discovered they were too late. The Seed of Winter had already been taken by someone else! The FreeRiders were supposedly working for a fey King. The intruders, it seemed, might have been from the winter court. So, who has the Seed? The FreeRiders accompanied The Green Dawn back to their own world and parted ways after traveling south for a bit. The Green Dawn went west towards Overlook, and the FreeRiders went east towards the Elsir Vale & Brindol.

SESSIONS 115-117 - Joined The Green Dawn for the call to help at the outpost tower at Thiriduth. Helped to eradicate the githyanki in the Fane of Chanhiir. Stayed behind to keep watch at the World Gate, while Amyria called for more reinforcements & The Green Dawn went ahead to discover more of the Well of Worlds.

The Freeriders - Elsir Vale adventuring group

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