Sinruth - Hobgoblin Chieftain (deceased)

Hobgoblin Leader stirring trouble out of the Rivenroar Castle ruins




Known only by reputation, and via interrogation of one of his minions Sinruth planned and executed a raid on Brindol stealing several war artifacts from the war against the Red Hand image hosted by and a small menagerie of targeted citizens of Brindol.

Damakos believes there is a much larger plan in the works involving the use of these people and artifacts. Perhaps in a ritual of some sort, or as bargaining chips for a larger purpose.

Currently based in RivenRoar Castle’s Ruins and has some sort of “arrangement” with the undead also reported to be “unliving” there.

SESSION 8 : Sinruth was defeated along with some minions in his abode. It was really an old noble’s crypt. Despite being vastly stronger & meaner than any individual hero of the party, Sinruth was brought down with a relentless onslaught of attacks by every member of the group! Two of the antiques that were stolen were recovered here; Dragon crested helmet & a pair of ornate gauntlets.

QUOTES : “All your gold and valuables and you may leave alive.”

Sinruth - Hobgoblin Chieftain (deceased)

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