Co'bok Bloodstream

Co'bok stands 19 hands and weighs and impressive 14 stones. Short black and spiked hair. He has piercing amber eyes and a thick corded neck. His powerful legs and heavy arms were made to wield a weapon.


*Kills *(Only creatures Co’bok has landed the killing blow and only sessions I have attended))
Shadow Bat,
Shadow Hound,
Seether Wraith,
Death Dog (E),
Rot Scarab Swarm,
Chill Born,
Kalaka Demon,
Umber Hulk
Bloodseep Demon,
Treasure Golem,
Frost Giant,
Air Elemental,
Umber Hulk,
Chillreaver (E),
Purple Spawn Nightmare,
Fire Bat,
Frost Wolf,
Thunder Boar,
Dark Eladrin,
Formian Giant
Axe battler raw


Co’boks’ ferocity, fury, aggressiveness, and strength do much to conceal the cunning person within him. He is very perceptive, quick witted, clever, and a skilled strategist, all of it goes hand in hand with his strength. Despite his large frame he is very fast, dexterous and agile for a human of his size and stature which can be seen when he is engaged in combat. These are major reasons of why he has survived countless encounters. Outside of combat he is a typical 18 year old that is seeing the world for the first time. He is curious, cocky and enjoys a good time.

Co’bok is skeptical towards the concept of gods and large organized religions, although he acknowledges their existence. He prefers to trust in the Primal Spirits that he can feel and touch every day. His favor goes towards two powerful spirits. He looks toward Great Bear for protection and defense. Great Bear is his guide in life. The Primal Beast is the fuel for his rage. A vicious, savage predator with no love for mortals. Just as Cobok has no love for enemies. A physical being the equivalent of any god. Just as Cobok is the physical equivalent of any mortal. This is the epitome of Co’bok in his rage.

Co’bok is a member of the Great Bear Tribe. He is the son of Gorzock the tribe fyrra (leader of the warriors) and the tribe Oracle Caje (pronounced k-age). On his 16th birthday he left for his wandering. On one fateful day Cobok was on the blood trail of a small deer he had wounded with his javelin. Moving through the forest searching for his javelin as well as his prey he came upon a large pack of worgs that were ripping the deer apart. As I noticed them they noticed me. Instantly they set upon me. I was in a fight for my life and one I had little hope of surviving. As the wounds took their toll, a huge ball of fire erupted among the worgs. Arrows pierced their flanks. I didn’t know it at the time but the Company of Wolves had just saved my life. After this I became a member of the Wolves, a member of a new family. From there we made our way to Overlook and took on different jobs. Until they were ambushed by the Lost Ones. I met with the Green Dawn in order to further my own agenda of killing the Lost Ones.

Co'bok Bloodstream

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