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From Talanee of the Chanhiiri :

  • Who are you? “We are the Chanhiiri, the faithful of the Fane of Chanhiir.”
  • Who are the other githyanki? “They are the forces of Zetch’r’r the False. They have claimed this fane and bestowed on the Chanhiiri the sentence of death.”
  • How do you plan to defeat the invaders? “The destiny of our people is struggle, and we will die free as we lived if that is our fate.”
  • What happened here? Why are you fighting the other githyanki? “The usurper Zetch’r’r reshapes the will and destiny of the githyanki in the name of his own ambition. We reject that ambition, for which our people name us traitors.”
  • What is the Fane of Chanhiir? “This temple is an ancient site—old as the githyanki empire. Chanhiir, a legendary githyanki mage, was its first high priest and founder. His faithful numbered nearly a hundred before Zetch’r’r’s force despoiled this place.”
  • Why were you left alive? “We will be returned to Tu’narath, where our execution will act as a warning to all those who oppose Zetch’r’r’s rule.”
  • Why are the invaders still here? Why were the fomorians threatening you? “There is power here that Zetch’r’r’s curs yearn to control, but its secrets are ours. Neither threat nor death will take our knowledge from us.”

Talanee has promised to impart more of what is going on, most especially any info about the portal they are protecting.

More from Talanee of the Chanhiiri :

  • What was behind the fomorians’ threats? What did the invaders need from you? “The Chanhiiri’s task is to keep watch over the World Gate for the githyanki, but in making our opposition known to the plots of the false emperor Zetch’r’r, we were first shunned, then assaulted. However, our craft allowed us to seal the gate in ways that Zetch’r’r’s thralls could not overcome.”
  • What is the World Gate? “The World Gates are the prime portals through which the githyanki first mastered the connections between planes. This World Gate is set within the mortal realm, with others in the Feywild and the Shadowfell. More distant gates in nameless planes are whispered of, but they are beyond my knowledge.”
  • What are the World Gates? How are they different from other permanent teleportation circles? “The World Gate functions as a portal in the same manner as any teleportation circle. However, the ancient magic of the World Gates sees them also act as anchors that connect their realms to the Astral Sea. They are siphons for planar energy, feeding it back to the Well of Worlds.”
  • What is the Well of Worlds? What is its importance to the githyanki invasion? “The Well of Worlds is a site of powerful planar magic, built by Chanhiir in the lost age of our race and open only to those of githyanki blood. It is a planar mote existing in no world—fueled by the energy of the Astral Sea but not set within it. The Well of Worlds is the center of the portal network that is the lifeblood of the githyanki empire. It is the site through which elite githyanki strike teams travel the planes, including the force charged with seizing the fane. It is a place that touches all other places—all planes of existence, all sites in those planes. From the Well of Worlds, the githyanki have access to anywhere in all of creation.”

she then offered the following speech :

“Zetch’r’r is a dog leading dogs, but those who lash themselves to his leash see not the chains he wears. The false emperor talks of rebuilding the glory of the githyanki, but he is a pawn of forces he has not the mind to understand or the will to stand against.

“In the long eons since the gods and primordials fought for control of all creation, Bahamut and Tiamat have undergone a never-ending sibling war. Driven apart yet drawn constantly together by their dichotomous natures, the two gods fight endless battles, both face to face and through their proxies in all the many worlds. Among all races, long ages of peace follow epochs of tyranny as each deity ekes out a temporary victory over the other, but in the end, always, the battle continues. Until now.

“In this age, a new war looms between these two ancient adversaries. On both sides, armies amass across worlds in preparation for brutal conflict, but Tiamat means to see that this battle with Bahamut is the last. The dragon queen seeks to slay the platinum lord, and Zetch’r’r has sworn himself and the githyanki to the service of this dark goal.”

Learned by Bejam (while in the Fane of the Chanhiiri)

“The githyanki priest spoke truth regarding the World Gates. The circle here siphons the planar energy of the mortal realm, drawing it to a site beyond. This Well of Worlds is spoken of in the lore here, but the fact that the githyanki have kept the site secret even from Nefelus demonstrates its importance. Indeed, the existence of the Well and its power goes some way toward explaining the advantage the githyanki have gained in this war.”

“If the Well of Worlds was merely as this Talanee described it—a portal for moving the githyanki’s elite forces—I would wish to know more of it. However, the brief period of my study here has shown that the World Gate is drawing off planar energy greatly in excess of its normal operation, according to the githyanki’s lore. From what the Chanhiiri said, Zetch’r’r had specific purpose in seizing the fane, and I am fearful as to what that purpose might be.”

then from his apprentices

“Beyond the World Gate lies a portal the likes of which we have not seen before. It has no sigil sequence. Rather, its location is fixed by psychic energy and the flow of planar power through it. A force of githyanki a half-dozen strong arrived there only an hour ago, but we have seen no other traffic before or since.”

Campaign Story Information

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