Members of the Coalition that Amyria has managed to put together are in Sayre, but she’s disappointed that they’ve spent days bickering and disagreeing about the best way to shatter the githyanki military alliance. (In fact, they haven’t even been able to agree on a name for the group, which is why Amyria refers to the group as the Coalition. She hopes something more inspiring will come out of their talks that will help bind the leaders together.) She hopes that The Green Dawn’s reputations (all the members have heard about the successful defense of Elsir Vale at this point), their investigation of Telicanthus and the Bitter Glass, and the membership of their new githzerai ally, Odos, will help the alliance find focus.


Amyria has not finished forming her group to oppose the githyanki, but has made great progress. Members of the Coalition include:

  • District Capatain of Overlook, Danen Greef : First seen in “Siege of Bordrin’s Watch” when he was rescued by the PCs, this heavily muscled dwarven paladin no longer looks quite as haunted as he did in the tunnels of Bordrin’s Watch. He is gruff but friendly, and a staunch ally of the PCs. Danen also has spoken to Amyria several times, and he backs her unflinchingly. Unfortunately, his seemingly blind willingness to support the deva makes him look intractable and foolish to the more politically savvy members of the Coalition, and his staunch support has almost proved a liability from time to time.
  • Danen Greef has been granted the rank of the General of ‘Protectors of the Prime’. It is a rank he did not ask for, and although it seems an overwhelming task, the other members believe deeply that Danen can handle the task. He has been very busy in arranging the details of those who will rank below him and handling upcoming missions.
  • Fariex the Scalehammer: He is light-hearted by nature, and knows more jokes than most jesters. He is far from a buffoon, however, and expects respect. His one weakness is a tendency to weigh the facts of a problem instead of quickly making up his mind. Fariex is a powerful merchant with interests in various cities. Fariex does not represent a city or other political body, but was invited because of his connections to many far-reaching settlements, townships, and ports, and the wealth and military might they represent. The Holt family has had business dealings with Fariex and considers him a very savvy importer of ‘hard to get items’. In meetings, Fariex is mostly quiet, but will occasionally interject a pointed question, especially if the topic of conversation touches on his area of expertise (namely, money and its movement through business affairs). He also has an interesting sense of humor, and will sometimes try to openly catch others in duplicity or engage in some word play over a statement he perceives as absurd. The richest member of the Coalition, Fariex is a key player to ally with, since he can fund many of the operations the Coalition is ambitiously interested in pursuing.
  • Caliandra of the Stagrunners: This ancient elf can trace her descendants back to elves who migrated from the Feywild almost eleven of her generations ago. She leads not only her own tribe, the Stagrunners, but has also been named the voice of all the tribes that live in the wild reaches to the north and west of Elsir Vale. All told, she speaks for a group of twenty-five tribes.
  • Fierce, wild, and haughty, she is stubborn and opinionated, and isn’t afraid to engage in a protracted argument about aspects of history that most people have long forgotten. She holds influence with many gnome, elf, and eladrin leaders, much as a respected grandmother and advisor might. In a crisis, she leans toward solutions that provide the most safety for the most people. She seems to expect subservience, making Caliandra nearly intolerable to deal with. But she also has tremendous in-roads among the barbarian tribes she represents, making her a valuable asset.
  • One of the naysayers of the Coalition, Caliandra automatically assumes her age and experience make her the voice everyone else should listen to. She talks loudly, fiercely, and often, but she doesn’t mince words. She gets to her point quickly. She favors action of some sort, but is like a ship in need of a pilot. If given a course that she can approve of—something that will let her lead her people to glorious battle against the invaders who have killed so many of her people—she will fight honorably and without hesitation. But she demands respect, and is fond of rejecting someone else’s idea out of hand, only to bring it back up minutes later as a concept all her own.
  • Lord Divian Torrance: The ruler of Sayre, elected by a fellowship of scholars and merchants, is a potent and skilled politician. His goal, first and foremost, is to see that his city comes out ahead in the war. He’s not willing to side with the githyanki invaders, but his goal is to lead this Coalition so that his small city is given due representation. He knows that Sayre’s leadership wouldn’t have been consulted if not for the good fortune of hosting the first meeting and the absence of a representative from Nefelus, Amyria’s first choice to host the meeting. But he plans to make the most of the opportunity and makes it clear at every opportunity how relevant and important Sayre is to the coming conflicts. Lord Torrance can be wooed if he firmly believes Sayre will continue to be an important player. He is opposed to any plan that deals with bringing Nefelus into the Coalition, although he won’t openly say so. He’s worried that if Nefelus brings their magical expertise and knowledge to the Coalition, Sayre’s position as a center of knowledge will be dramatically weakened. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue that is likely to rear its head . . . yet.
  • Quelenna Entromiel: The female eladrin Quelenna Entromiel rules over the mercantile settlement of Dornaithos, which trades both fine craftwork (including goods from the Feywild) and everyday items. She has dealings with the Elsir Consortium, a group of merchants from the Elsir Vale, and with traders in every major settlement across this corner of the mortal world. Gregarious and shrewd, Quelenna is well known for her business acumen and efficiency. It’s rumored she’s not afraid to resort to bribery if doing so will get a project or deal finished quickly. Quelenna wants Dornaithos’s fortunes to continue and thinks running the Coalition is a way to make herself more prominent and secure better deals for Dornaithos to provide war material. While the Coalition’s first order of business is not to determine a leader, she already has her sights set on the position.
  • Inogo Dravitch: A priest of Erathis, Inogo hails from the distant city of Sherrbyr. This city lies far to the northeast, beyond Elsir Vale by at least three weeks’ travel. Inogo is the current leader of this city of temples. A theocratic city state, Sherrbyr also boasts a massive college of divinity, where worshipers of nearly any deity can openly practice their faith.
  • As a result of its varied populace, the city’s leadership is formed of a council of priests of the most worshiped deities in the city. The council changes as the population changes. Some deities fall out of favor while others rise. But Erathis’s worshipers have been a power in the city for years, and Inogo is the most recent in a long series of Erathis-worshiping council leaders known as Deacons.
  • Sherrbyr is a city accustomed to nearly endless debate, thanks to efforts to accommodate every faith represented on the ruling council. As someone long schooled in this approach to government, Deacon Dravitch is well out of his league in a group that needs to make decisions quickly and decisively. He represents a powerful city, however, in terms of both its military and divine might. Sherrbyr could field a veritable army of healers, as well as a mounted corps of paladins. Inogo is mostly quiet in Coalition meetings, speaking up only when a plan of action is proposed. He is, at first, unwilling to commit any resources without first “exploring other options” or his personal favorite, “negotiating with these githyanki to help them see reason.” Odos despises Inogo immediately, and Inogo reciprocates. As Sherrbyr has yet to experience anything like the githzerai have at the hands of the invaders (in fact, Sherrbyr has been entirely spared, to this point), it’s an understandable attitude.
  • Odos: The githzerai leader firmly believes that Telicanthus is up to no good, and while he is mostly quiet in all proceedings, when the issue of the githyanki noble inevitably surfaces, he doesn’t hesitate to make his opinion known. This drives Lord Torrance to distraction, and Odos quickly finds himself on the outs with many other members of the Coalition. But Odos represents githzerai all over the mortal world and beyond, and he knows the githyanki tactics and agendas. He’s perhaps the singlemost important ally in the defense of the world, and most of the other Coalition members know this—even if they won’t admit it openly.
  • Amyria: Not a member of the Coalition, the extremely passionate and charismatic deva paladin has rallied these leaders to meet in Sayre to discuss the invasion. While she doesn’t have a vote on a course of action, she has the right to speak freely— something she hesitates to take advantage of in this first meeting. When she does speak, Amyria almost glows with her inspiration and belief in what is right.


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